2 days after her wedding, the bride donates a kidney to her new husband’s ex-wife

When Debby Neal-Strickland married her longtime boyfriend Jim Merthe on November 22, she described him as “the most incredible day of my life, until two days later. It was also the day of the most amazing of my life “.

It’s not because they’ve arrived at a fabulous honeymoon destination or because they’ve moved into a brand new home. On November 24, Debby went to a hospital in Florida and donated one of her kidneys to Mylaen Merthe, her new husband’s ex-wife.

Mylaen suffered from kidney disease and at that time his kidneys were only 8% functioning. Before we started the donation process together, the women were friendly – Mylaen and Jim have two children and are on good terms – but weren’t that close. Debby said The Associated Press she wanted to make sure Mylaen could meet her first grandchild and also remembered the pain she felt when her brother died of cystic fibrosis before he could receive a double lung transplant. Debby’s kidney donation, Mylaen said, came straight “from her heart.”

Debby was able to instantly see a change in Mylaen after the operation, recounting PA she looked “so alive and revitalized”. The women are now called Kidney Sisters and have matching tags – Debby’s reads “Kidney Donor, I Shared My Spare”, while Mylaen says “Kidney Recipient, I run on spare”. They can’t wait to take their step family on a summer trip to Georgia because “that’s what it is,” Mylaen said. PA. “Family. We have to stay together. She saved my life.”

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