Alexx Ekubo breakup: Fancy Acholonu deletes wedding engagement call message on Instagram

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Alexx Ekubo breaks with Fancy Acholonu does not take an anoda turn.

The Nollywood actor’s ex-fiancée did not delete the post after calling off the wedding engagement.

Fancy Acholonu earlier confided to her fans and the public that her engagement and upcoming marriage to Alexx Ekubo is not ending.

Di now deleted post on Alexx’s fiancée’s Instagram page read:

“Hey guys, I am writing to officially tell you that I am not ending my relationship, my engagement and that I am canceling my marriage to Alexx Ekubo.”

“I know this shocks a lot of people. I’m making the best decision for myself, because it’s important to say that everyone finds happiness and lives in the truth.”

“At this time, my family and I ask that you all please respect our privacy. Thank you very much!” Fancy post for his Instagram handle.

E not clear like saturday morning why di post disappears for its verified page.

See screenshot of deleted message:

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Alexx Ekubo bin announces her engagement with her fiancé for her Instagram account on May 3, 2021.

Who is Fancy Acholonu?

Her full name na Chigozie Fancy Acholonu and tori be said na for Los Angeles, USA dem born am.

Her parents are Nigerians from the di Igbo tribe and even though they are raising her for Nigeria, she is doing her higher education abroad.

She graduated from Los Angeles City College with a BSc. for business administration and management for 2012.

Acholonu’s bio on the Instagram show says she is bio oga of three companies, one of which sells luxury jewelry.

Like her fiancé Alexx, she is an actress and model.

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What we call this photo,

Fantasy Acholonu

Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu have canceled their wedding date

The Di Nollywood actor announces on Monday, May 10 that the traditional, white wedding will take place in November this year.

Di marriage wey dem nickname, Falexx Forever, go hold for Imo state.

Alex Ekubo’s traditional wedding will take place on November 20, 2021.

And the church wedding between the actor and his fiancée Fancy Acholonu will take place on November 27, 2021.

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