Alina Padikkal wedding: the future bride Alina Padikkal about her fiancé Rohit: he takes me with his endless surprises

TV host Alina Padikkal is preparing to step into marital bliss. She is soon to be married to her longtime boyfriend, Rohit, and the bride-to-be is thrilled with the same. Recently, in a candid conversation with ETimes-TV, Alina shared the latest updates on the wedding and her Prince Charming. Excerpts …

“He made me lose my footing”

It’s a 7 year relationship. I fell in love with the way he tried so hard to make me smile. During the early days he used to travel to Bangalore from Chennai just to meet me. Everything was filmed. He will suddenly appear in front of me while I’m on the phone to tell him how much I miss him. He surprised me by putting chocolates on the road (laughs).

One of the best times was when he was in Nepal with friends. At the same time, I was at a meeting of friends in Bangalore. That night I told him ‘I miss you’. Hours later, I almost passed out when he stood in front of me. I asked him why and the answer was “Because you missed me”. Rohit bowled me over with all these surprises. Even now, he never fails to do so.

Initial family disagreement

As this is an intercast marriage and we were too young to engage in seriousness, there were some initial disagreements from my family. This continued even after I revealed about her in the BB house. However, the lockdown was when we could convince both of our parents and it worked.

Now, more than us, they are excited about the wedding. They are just curious about how these kids are going to run a family. We may not be mature enough to be married, but we are very good at caring for each other.

Pandemic marriage

We really wanted to organize a gala wedding because we are the only children of our two parents. I dreamed of a destination wedding with all my relatives. But, understanding the pandemic scenario, we decided to have an intimate one. We will get married in a traditional Hindu wedding in Calicut on August 30th. After that we may have a reception, but it will only depend on the COVID-19 situation.

Now I take care of my shoots so that no other tension hits me now. However, no words can explain my excitement.

About the special sari

One thing that excites me is my wedding sari. It’s just a normal traditional Kanchipuram saree. But, there is a surprise that awaits me in it. When most brides prefer to have the names of the bride and groom on the saree, I chose to have my parents’ names. When I shared the idea with one of Kanchipuram’s popular designers, Aarya Nair who is a fashion designer, she included a cute surprise for me. The sari will have a little message from my parents printed on it. To this day, I have no idea what it is. I look forward.

Projects after marriage

We are both passionate about travel, so our first plan is to travel a lot. As we were in a secret relationship, there was not much we could explore as lovers, so we look forward to making many of our wishes come true.

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