Arkansas Teen Makes Prom Dress From Harry Potter Books – FOX23 News

Prairie Grove, Ark. – Everyone expects there to be eyes on them for prom, that’s why you dress up, but a teenage girl’s homemade dress drew over 11,000 eyes on her for her special evening.

Hailey Skoch wowed the internet by making her prom dress with “the words that brought her peace, the books of her childhood”, two Harry Potter books. That’s over 12,000 pages!

Wearing his Hogwarts shirt for his interview, his love for the book is clear. She says she started reading them after her parents divorced saying they were “something to bring this idea of ​​family and hope and love together”.

Amazingly, it only took four days to create her prom dress from scratch, but she has a little help.

“I was watching the whole Harry Potter series, so you can’t just skip halfway through and wait a week and watch the rest,” she explained. Still, that meant more than one sleepless night. In total, she said, these were the eight Harry Potter films plus two of the Fantastic Beast spin-off films.

“You get into a project like this, you just have to do it as soon as possible! ” she says.

She says it took a lot of folding, gluing, sewing and stapling to get to prom day. She says the reaction was well worth the work and is now something that could even shape her future.

Skoch has a scholarship to the University of Arkansas this fall. She originally planned to study psychology, but the unexpected reaction led her to consider other options.

“It’s not every day that someone tells you that you could pursue your hobby,” she says with a smile.

She says that since the photos of the dress were published, designers and photographers from all over the world have contacted her. Two public libraries in Arkansas even asked to display her dress.

“I was this shy, nerdy, geeky kid who was looking for a little magic in my life,” adds Skoch explaining how she felt a connection to the character of Hermione Granger.

Even with all the attention people try to put price tags on the dress and some even ask to wear it to their weddings, Skoch says this piece is just for her.

The dress, the moment and especially the words printed on each layer of her dress, more sentimental than any social media.

“Such inspiration at a time when I was so vulnerable and needed it most…I have such love for these books,” she says.

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