BGT’s David Walliams wants to dress Simon Cowell in drag for his bachelor party

British Got Talent star David Walliams has shared he’d love to dress Simon Cowell in drag for his bachelor party – but he’s not so sure his co-star would be up for it.

The comedian and BGT presenter, 50, explained what he would like to do for Simon’s last celebration before married life, after the 62-year-old prepares for his wedding to his fiancée Lauren Silverman, 44 .

Opening up about what he would do if tasked with organizing his pal Simon’s bachelor party, David said: “I would organize it but I don’t think he really wants to.

“I don’t think our tastes would align at a bachelor party. I would do something like a drag stag, where I say all guys should do drag, and I don’t think that’s what Simon would actually like.”

David Walliams said he would like to dress Simon in drag for his bachelor party

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Talk to The sunhe added: “I think it would be his worst nightmare. There are things that Simon would find funny about a bachelor party, and this is not one of them. If I am invited, it would be a thrill .

David also shared how, despite not having received a wedding invitation yet, he doubts Simon and Lauren’s wedding is a small matter.

The presenter, who shares a nine-year-old son with ex-model wife Lara Stone, added: “Lauren was a carefree person before, but the last time I saw her she was absolutely thriving and showing us the ring It was so nice to see her so happy.

“I don’t think it would be Simon’s style to have a small wedding as his 50th birthday was a big event and I think if I were Lauren I would want to have a big dress and a glitzy and exciting party. I would be surprised if they fled to Gretna Green with two other people.

It comes after BGT host Simon apparently couldn’t stop laughing after hearing his two dogs would be joining him for a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are selling their Wimbledon mansion for £17m
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman got engaged last year

The talent judge has ended the prospect of him enjoying a boys weekend in Sin City with his adorable pet pooches following reports.

The music mogul has two Yorkshire terriers named Squiddly and Diddly.

“That’s the best story I’ve heard…that I’m taking my dogs to a bachelor party?” the TV personality said in disbelief.

“It’s like where (would we go)?” he’s laughing.

Imagining the experience, Simon then joked, “I don’t know if they would like that?

“I don’t know what you would do with dogs at a bachelor party?”

Simon Cowell with 2 of his dogs
Simon Cowell with two of his dogs

In response to the outlandish claims, a spokesperson for Simon said: “The dogs at the bachelor party came out of nowhere. Of course that made Simon laugh, but it was really ridiculous.

“First, he wouldn’t subject his beloved pets to busy restaurants, busy clubs, or parties, but second, the United States has strict policies about which animals can enter the premises.”

The statement went on to say that it is common practice to ban dogs other than assistance dogs from most sites, and whether the owner is a celebrity or not is “irrelevant” as it is not there are “no exceptions”.

“Simon laughed at so many people asking him about the dogs that were with him, but he calls it a ‘brilliantly dumb idea,'” the spokesperson added.

The lovebirds share their son Eric together
The lovebirds share their son Eric together

Simon proposed to his longtime girlfriend in Barbados over the Christmas holidays, as the couple are overjoyed to finally wed after nine years together.

The duo first met in 2004, when Lauren was married to her first real estate husband Andrew Silverman.

Years later, she and Simon reunited, but it didn’t last long.

When they reconciled in 2013, the couple didn’t announce their pregnancy until months later.

Lauren gave birth to their son Eric, seven, on Valentine’s Day 2014.

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