Bihar Man Gatecrashes Ex-Girlfriend’s Marriage and Apply ‘Sindoor’ to Bride

The ex-lover crashed at his girlfriend’s wedding and garlanded her.

The man was handed over to the police, but there was another twist.

A Bihar man crashed his former lover’s wedding during the Jaymala ceremony and walked onto the stage where the bride and groom were about to exchange the Varmala, India Today reported. Before anyone could react, he snatched the garland from the groom’s hand and put it around the bride’s neck. He then forcefully applied sindoor (vermilion) to the bride’s forehead. Things were definitely not going to be taken lightly and they weren’t. Furious guests grabbed the man and beat him even as the bride kept asking to let him go.

Later the police were called to the scene and the lover was handed over to the cops. Upset by the incident, the groom’s family called off the wedding. The groom, identified as Akshay Kumar, said that since the bride was in a relationship with someone else, he did not want to go ahead with the wedding.

But the biggest twist in history was yet to come. The preliminary police investigation revealed that the lover and the bride had together hatched the plot to disrupt the wedding. The two had planned things well in advance and the lover had come to the scene from the Khagaria district, at the call of the bride. This is a story for a dramatic film!

The lover, later identified as Amit Kumar, was allowed to return home as there were no official complaints from the bride’s family.

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