Bride gets upset when £2,500 wedding dress arrives ‘looking like a sack of potatoes’

A bride ‘utterly freaked out’ when her dream wedding dress arrived three days before the big day ‘looking like a sack of potatoes’.

Kelly Marie Campbell, 35, paid £2,500 for her dream dress in July 2021. She was told it would arrive around eight weeks before the wedding.

Dreaming of feeling like a “princess”, Kelly said she bought the dress, by designer Riki Dalal, from Newcastle’s Si Bridal boutique. Not only did the dress arrive late, but the custom-made dress also arrived three sizes too large for the bride.

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Kelly had three previous wedding dates canceled due to Covid restrictions. “As corny as it sounds, it was the kind of dress you dreamed of,” she explained. “They made me feel like a model trying on those dresses, they made me feel beautiful,” reports the Chronicle live.

As the weeks went on, the alarm bells rang for Kelly rather than the wedding bells as she chased down the wedding dress boutique, Si Bridal, trying to find out where her dress was. She claims she was told not to panic. However, after another week passed with no update on where the dress was or when it would turn up, Kelly called back. This time he was told to wait for an update.

Three weeks from the wedding, she was told that her dress was stuck at the Ukrainian border due to the Russian invasion of the country. Riki Dalal is based in Israel, but has a dressmaking shop in Ukraine.

Kelly says she sympathized with the situation and asked Si Bridal if she could walk into their shop and try on a backup dress in case her dream one didn’t arrive in time. She said: “Two and a half weeks before my wedding and I had emails back and forth with them refusing to let me in to try on alternative dresses and see what they had in store, ready to go. job, that would be fine with me, because at this rate I was going to be walking down the aisle in my pajamas.”

“Every little girl dreams of her wedding day and it completely ruined it for me. My dream come true became my nightmare. They kept refusing, there was no refund option and they told me assured that my dress would be there a week before the wedding.

“I was making myself sick from stress.”

She went to Si Bridal to see her dream dress and said seeing it reminded her of “all the reasons she fell in love with it.” But when she tried it on, Kelly said her £2,500 ‘bespoke’ dress was three sizes too big and looked ‘like a sack of potatoes’.

“It literally fell off me,” she said. “I was ready to cry and tell them where to put the dress, but I just stood there screaming in my head that it would be okay because I didn’t want to disrupt things any further. But as the appointment I walked up to you, I gathered up the courage to put on my big girl panties and asked, “Why is my dress too big?”

If Bridal told her it was because she had lost weight, which Kelly disputes, and says her personal trainer took separate measurements that show that is not the case. She had to take the day off to have the dress altered, which included serious changes like moving and adding the boning that gives wedding dresses their shape.

She paid an additional £350 for the alterations, on top of the £2,500 she had already paid. The day before her wedding, she rushed to Si Bridal to pick up the altered dress and said she was relieved that it went on and remained standing.

But on her wedding day, she put the dress on and was disappointed with the fit, only to find she was in too much of a rush when she went to pick it up.

“I didn’t realize how unflattering it was,” she said. “The waist was so gathered it formed an unflattering bump, with a bump where it had been altered, with silver shiny things visible. The cups didn’t fit my breasts and caused embarrassing pinching all day and the night friends and family during the photos.”

“The boning of the dress was so uncomfortable and sore that I had blisters on my waist. The sleeves slipped off even with tape on because the fabric was way too heavy. They had added snaps to attach the sleeves, but even with the most minimal movement, they popped right off, letting my sleeves slide right up to my elbows.

“Let’s just say, I didn’t feel like the dream princess I should have felt. But I kept going and my wedding day itself was a dream come true.”

Si Bridal said sorry to Kelly, but they refused any refund for the ordeal. A spokesperson for Si Bridal said: “Understandably, given the current political climate, many circumstances are currently beyond our control. We understand this may have caused some distress, however, we have and will continue to communicate any updates we receive from our creators with our lovely brides.

“We are always in constant communication with our designers internationally and remind our brides that we are always a phone call or social media message away for any advice they may need. That being said, we we do not think it is professional to comment further publicly on the matter.”

Si Bridal encouraged Kelly to get in touch with Riki Dalal instead. Despite the war in Ukraine, the firm offered to make her a custom-made red carpet dress. Kelly said: “I was like, ‘Where do you want me to wear it? and they replied “at your birthday party”.

“I don’t think my story could get any stranger.”

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