Bride is upset as friends abandon her wedding because they are ‘trying to have a baby’

A bride feels disappointed after a friend ditched her upcoming wedding – but tries to respect their decision as they focus on having a baby

The bride is upset that her friends have given up (stock photo)

Getting all your friends and family to agree to keep one day of the year free so they can attend your wedding isn’t always an easy task, and chances are you have people who can’t do everything. just not come.

But a bride has been upset after being told a ‘good friend of the family’ might have to skip the big day – just six days before she is due to walk down the aisle.

In a social media post which was shared on Reddit, the bride-to-be said she heard from another wedding guest that her friend might not be able to make it due to a scheduled “procedure” his wife is undergoing at the on their journey to try to start a family together.

And although the bride understands the big event in her life, she can’t help but be disappointed that her friend isn’t there.

Guests dropped out just six days before the wedding (stock photo)


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She said: “Our wedding is in six days and I just found out that one of our good family friends might not be coming anymore because the wife is having surgery tomorrow because she wants to have a baby. I guess than IVF, but I have no idea.

“I’m so annoyed. Our wedding has been on their calendar for 16 months and they’ve chosen tomorrow for this procedure?

“We also already paid for their meals and they didn’t even tell us anything, I heard that from someone else.”

The bride has also heard that another friend of hers who is attending the wedding will not be drinking because they are also trying for a baby and will not be staying at the hotel with the rest of the guests.

In her post, the woman said she wants to “respect what they’re going through” but struggles to come to terms with the fact that her marriage isn’t a “priority” for her friends.

She added: “I’ve also heard that another member of their family and one of my closest friends won’t be drinking because she’s also trying to have a baby. None of them stays at a hotel with the rest of the family, instead staying with their parents, an hour away.

“I understand that life happens and I want to respect what they are going through, but I can’t help but be annoyed.

“We went to all of their weddings and we were super excited for them, and now that our wedding is here, it feels like it’s not a priority for them at all. It sucks to realize that nobody will be never as excited about your wedding as you are.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were split because while some could see why the bride would be upset, others said she was being unreasonable.

One person said, “If someone was angry, I didn’t drink, I wouldn’t be their friend anymore. I wouldn’t even come to the wedding.

While another added: “It’s hard when your group of friends have moved on to the next phase of life and your events don’t have the same excitement. It’s understandable. But it kinda sucks, so my heart aches.”

And a third wrote: “I can definitely see how annoying it is to just hear from other people that people who have already responded and are now included in your bill drop out days before without even telling you .”

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