Bride-to-be shows off her engagement ring but everyone says the same thing

As we’re sure all future brides will agree, you basically spend the weeks after your engagement showing off your ring to everyone.

So when her other half popped the question earlier this year, this woman couldn’t contain her excitement and posted a big revealing video on TikTok.


The woman joked she would have been happy with a ‘Ring Pop’ toy1 credit
The cut of the diamond sparked debate in the comments


The cut of the diamond sparked debate in the comments1 credit

After drawing attention to her pretty pink French manicure, the woman then proudly showed off her bling.

She wrote, “He could have proposed with a pop ring but…”

The delicate solitaire ring had a gold band that was set with a single diamond.

Although the woman was thrilled with her engagement ring, people in the comments were absolutely brutal about the diamond cut.

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A savage replied: “The nails more expensive than the ring…”

Another cruelly jibed: “Does the ring come with a free magnifying glass?”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: ‘As long as his pockets don’t hurt my eyes I’m trying to find the diamond.’

That said, others rallied in support of the bride and loved the delicate style.

“As a minimalist, I love it,” said a fourth. “And that’s not a backhanded compliment, I think simplicity is wonderful.”

Coming to her defense, a fifth came back with: “Doesn’t everyone want/like big rings?

“Some people prefer something more practical for everyday guys?? IT’S GORGEOUS! Congratulations!”

“Very classy,” said a sixth. “Everybody loves these garish, tacky, visually offensive rings, but that’s… that’s what I’m talking about.”

For more wedding horror stories, this woman hated her engagement ring so much that she made her man buy a new one – his proposal was horrific too.

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And this woman ruined her boyfriend’s wedding by wearing a WHITE dress and stealing the show at the reception.

Also, this bride gave her guests strict rules for the day – it didn’t go well, they called her “the devil” and threatened not to come.

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