Bride’s fury as wedding guest fades at last minute – after welcoming baby

A bride was left furious after a wedding guest told her they wouldn’t be there three days before the ceremony – because she had just given birth

The bride was frustrated with her wedding guest (stock photo)

Planning a wedding is no easy task, and when you’re putting together a guest list before the date itself, it can be difficult to make sure everyone keeps their agenda free.

But a bride is left furious after a friend of hers ditched her wedding just three days before the ceremony was due – because she had welcomed a baby just weeks before.

The bride claimed she was perfectly fine with the woman and her fiancé not attending the wedding because of their new arrival, but because they hadn’t communicated it to her sooner, she had assumed they still came and went ahead and paid for their food.

The new mum and her partner then decided to say they wouldn’t be coming a few days before the event when the bride reached out to check everything was going as planned.

The guests had recently welcomed a baby (stock photo)


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In his post on Mumsnetshe fumed, “I got married last month and it bothers me.

“A friend and her fiancé said yes – she was due 3-4 weeks before the wedding and the baby was invited, but he said they would see how they felt about bringing the baby. I said when they confirmed attendance, obviously if things change after the baby arrives, don’t worry.

“Baby born, all good, lots of Instagram posts showing them with the baby on walks, restaurants, etc. They don’t mention the wedding, so I guess they are coming. Three days before I check in to see if the baby is joining, and my friend replies that actually it’s too much for them now and they can’t do it.

“Am I unreasonable to think it was rude to let us know at the last minute and only because I followed up? I wonder if I hadn’t checked in, wouldn’t they all just not shown and their seats were all set but empty.They were on the seating plan and we had paid for their food.We never received a card.

“They’re getting married in November, overseas and I really can’t agree to go now. Is it just that when you have a baby everything/one seems trivial?”

Commenters on the post were split as some people agreed the couple were ‘rude’ for not contacting the bride sooner, but others said she should be more understanding of the immense pressure they are under. new parents face.

One person said, “Yeah, totally rude. Having a baby is no excuse for not even communicating about something that important. I wouldn’t bother with their marriage either.”

While another added: “They are rude as f**k. I would only go to their wedding if I felt like vacationing at that particular place with that particular group of guests.”

But someone else disagreed, saying: “Instagram doesn’t really show the crushing fatigue of a young baby. Is it far for them to travel? The baby might hate the car. Maybe be that they forgot.”

“Any chance they completely forgot? I forgot about my OWN wedding 7 weeks after my baby was born until my friend reminded me,” wrote a fourth.

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