Children at weddings: the furious bride after her child dressed up as a Disney princess for her wedding

In a message on the forum this weekend29-year-old man says his sister is currently ‘furious’ with him after his girlfriend’s young daughter wore a The beauty and the Beast– themed costume from her recent nuptials.

The man explained that his girlfriend’s six-year-old daughter, who he assigned the pseudonym “Zoe”, can be incredibly picky, especially when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

“Sometimes my girlfriend had to agree to send her to school in pajamas or a fancy dress because she didn’t want to dress properly,” the man wrote.

“Unfortunately she had one of those moments on my sister’s wedding day. It was a two hour drive from my girlfriend’s house to the venue, so we decided to let her wear whatever she wanted for the trip and change her. When we got there.”

In an update to his original post, the man clarified that the child was dressed as Belle, the princess from the 1991 Disney animated film, The beauty and the Beast.

“However, she refused to change at all. At one point, she bit my girlfriend, and I was involved in the wedding, so I couldn’t be late with her still in disguise.”

However, when he arrived, the man realized that they had been terribly mistaken.

“My sister cared. She didn’t say anything at the time, but she and her friends looked askance at us. My sister and her husband tried to keep my girlfriend and Zoe out of family photos, which was the first indication to me that there was a problem,” he continued.

“Some people (aunts, cousins, etc.) made comments to me about her clothes, some clearly unaware that Zoe was my girlfriend’s daughter because they weren’t very nice to the parents who had her. It seemed no one approved of the outfit and my cousin went so far as to demand that we wear the purple dress my sister loved over the one Zoe was wearing.”

After the wedding, the man said he received a long and heavily worded email from his sister complaining about Zoe’s costume, calling it “inappropriate” and “attention seeking”.

“She said that…made her look bad after trying to plan the wedding to be perfect. I tried to explain to her that she’s just a difficult kid sometimes, but my sister refused to listen. The wedding was on Sunday and she and my mom are still mad at me.

“AITA [am I the asshole]? Shouldn’t we have let my girlfriend’s daughter wear a dressy dress to the wedding?”

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