Coronation Street’s Toyah pictured in a wedding dress ahead of the big day

Coronation Street’s Toyah was first spotted in her pretty wedding dress ahead of the show’s reveal.

Fans got a cheeky glimpse of what might be in store for Toyah after the character’s ups and downs over the past few weeks. Fans speculated that her marriage to Imran would be annulled after finding out he fathered son Alfie with Abi Franklin, but photographs from the show suggest that may not be the case.

Toyah had kicked Imran out – but he soon came back asking to raise Alfie as a couple. Toyah initially refused, but eventually agreed. Fans wondered whether or not she might have grounds for her change of heart. Corrie fans predict that Toyah intends to take Alfie for herself, but she can’t without Imran’s help.

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Some viewers believe that Toyah plans to take Alfie for herself and needs Imran’s help to get him. Regardless of the motives, it looks like the wedding is still going on as Toyah was snapped in her white dress for the day.

Whether or not fans are right in their predictions, Toyah was pictured in a pretty wedding dress ahead of the couple’s wedding. Toyah was captured getting out of a silver car with a pink bouquet in hand, later covering himself up from the cold in a red ITV puffer jacket, ECHO reports.

Getting caught up with Abi on multiple counts, it seems Toyah was kidnapped on her way to the service in an attempt to ruin the wedding and stop them from favoring her son. While Imran was nowhere to be found, it is unclear whether or not Toyah will visit on his big day.

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