‘Father of the Bride’ is HBO Max’s biggest debut yet

This one just came out and set a new record on the streaming service

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It’s been a while since a rom-com has been a smash hit — the last 10 years have produced a dearth of films worthy of Meg Ryan. Long live the 90s – until now, that is. Over Father’s Day weekend, the timely release of a new “Father of the Bride,” starring Andy García and Gloria Estefan, debuted on HBO Max and immediately became the No. of the streaming service.

The romantic comedy took the No. 1 spot worldwide on Sunday after releasing on Thursday, June 16. The United States had the most views of any country, but “Father of the Bride” also made it into the top 10 most-watched titles in Mexico, which came in with the second-most views. all countries.

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It’s not the original “Father of the Bride”, of course – which happened in 1991 (yes, all the way back then), and starred Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams in his Premier role. Like the old version, the 2022 version is based on the eponymous 1949 novel – but this time around it features a Cuban-American family based in Miami with the characters of García and Estefan on the verge of divorce.

Same for the “Father of the Bride” course, there is a lot more drama than an ongoing divorce: there are disagreements between the father and the engaged couple about the type of marriage it will be (large and traditionally Cuban, against something a little smaller), the wedding dress (a fashion designer sister is opposed to the wishes of the wedding planner) and a lot of pride-fueled dissatisfaction between García’s character and the father (very rich) of the groom.

Of course, that’s not all – a lot goes wrong between the engagement and the aisle, including wedding-threatening storms. But like the romantic comedies we’ve missed so much, there’s also plenty of family, love, and laughter.

Check out the movie on HBO Max to get in on some little rom-com action (and have fun chilling with your co-workers).

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