‘Father of the Bride’ star Gloria Estefan’s dog ate her wedding dress

In the night of Gloria Estefan wedding over four decades ago, her cocker spaniel ate her wedding dress sleeve.

This all-true story of marital chaos, seemingly taken from a wedding comedy, is just one of the many reasons the 64-year-old singer/actress is uniquely suited to star on HBO. “Father of the Bride” comedy remake.

As George Banks (Steve Martin) dealt with his eldest daughter’s wedding in 1991’s “Father of the Bride,” the new version follows Andy Garcia’s old-school Cuban immigrant Billy Herrera struggling with the surprise engagement of his daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona) while he is on the verge of divorce from his longtime wife Ingrid (Estefan).

Surprisingly, portraying Estefan is the first leading role of his superstar career. Garcia pushed for his longtime Cuban-American friend.

“I didn’t have to audition or anything,” Estefan says. “Andy told me he trusted me and the casting was a no-brainer.” ”

That’s a smart move, Garcia. Here are more reasons the Miami Sound Machine star is rocking “Father of the Bride” (now streaming).

Advice from Gloria Estefan: “Being in every moment is the only thing you really have that’s guaranteed”

Estefan’s surprise wedding featured a cake and dog wardrobe disaster

Due to his father’s illness, Estefan did not plan a party for his September 2, 1978 wedding to his “first and only boyfriend” Emilio. But after exchanging vows and visiting her father in hospital, the newlyweds returned home to find friends had arranged “a surprise wedding” with catering, a DJ and 200 guests.

“It turned into a full-fledged party,” says Estefan, who recalls retreating to the bathroom to change her cake-smeared wedding dress just as the couple’s wedding song was played. announced.

“They said, ‘The bride and groom are going to dance’ while I’m in the bathroom without my wedding dress because there’s cake on the sleeve,” Estefan says. “I opened the window and shouted, ‘I’m naked here, I’m not ready for this song.’ When I came out, my cocker spaniel ate the sleeve of the wedding dress for the cake.”

Unfazed, Gloria and Emilio stayed up late drinking champagne with friends at a nearby airport hotel. “My friends refused to leave, we couldn’t consummate the marriage,” says Estefan. The couple eventually boarded a plane bound for Japan for a 6am visit the next morning. “It was crazy, I remember every second,” says Estefan. “It could have been a movie.”

Gloria and Emilio’s love story started with a wedding, has stood the test of time

Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio Estefan attend the closing night of the 2022 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival "father of the bride" June 5.

Gloria met cute Emilio at a wedding in Miami where the musician played the disco hit “Do the Hustle” on the accordion. “I thought that was incredibly brave,” she says. President Barack Obama told the same anecdote while presenting the couple with the 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom.

From unlikely beginnings, the marriage has lasted nearly 44 years, unlike Ingrid’s “Bride” marriage, which appears to be heading for divorce. Estefan finds similarities between Emilio, 69, and Billy de Garcia.

“They grew up in this culture where it was very important for immigrants to succeed,” says Estefan. “But Emilio is the most open-minded guy.”

Daughter Emily was a clear choice to play Estefan’s young screen

Gloria Estefan's daughter, Emily Estefan, plays a young Ingrid in

“Bride” opens with a look back at a young Ingrid marrying Billy. It was a two-for-one casting as young Ingrid is played by Estefan’s musician daughter Emily, 27.

Once again, Garcia urged director Gary Alazraki to say that Emily would “kill him” by playing a younger version of her real mother.

Emily jumped into the game, adding depth to Ingrid.

“Emily really took control of the character, even leading the conga line at the wedding,” says Estefan. “That says a lot about Ingrid.”

Estefan tried on her character’s wedding dress, still has her original from 1978

A key “bride” moment comes when Ingrid finds her own puff-shouldered wedding dress and is encouraged by her future daughter Sofia to try it on again.

Estefan improvised the line, “You’re gonna have to grease me for this.” But she played bravely in the outfit.

A happy family.  Father (Andy Garcia), Bride (Adria Arjona), and Mother (Gloria Estefan) walk up the aisle "Father of the bride."

As for her actual wedding dress, Estefan has had the sleeve eaten by a dog repaired and is storing the precious dress in a warehouse.

“My mum couldn’t afford a really expensive dress, but I found one I liked – really modern with a hood. I’m fully covered, no lace,” Estefan says. “The dress is still there, I took it out recently and just looked at it.”

In real life, she is a mom who supports her children and their partners

Like her on-screen foster mother, Estefan supports the relationships of her two adult children. Her son, Nayib, 41, recently celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary, while Emily, who dated in 2017, has a longtime partner in Gemeny Hernandez.

“All we want for our children is for them to be happy. It’s their life, they’re the ones who are going to live it,” says Estefan. “All we can do is be there for them and hopefully be a part of that life. Enjoying life with them is our only criteria.”

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