Florida bride and caterer charged after wedding guests were drugged with cannabis at reception – National

A Florida bride and caterer have been arrested after being accused of adding cannabis to a dinner reception without the knowledge of their guests.

Danya Svoboda, the 42-year-old bride, and Jocelyn Bryant, the 31-year-old restaurant company owner, have been charged with marijuana delivery, culpable negligence and tampering after scores of wedding guests fell ill from laced food.

Seminole County police responded to the February 19 wedding after a 41-year-old guest reported that he felt “there was drugs in him”, although he did not consumed only food and alcohol at the party.

Body camera footage recovered from police who were at the scene shows guests being carried away on stretchers and a smiling bride.

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Caterers can be seen trying to get out of the front desk and take away food and supplies as Florida police enter the clubhouse where the party was held. A man who was blurred out in the video can be heard telling police that they “were all affected, in one way or another, by what was put in the food”.

Police tell the man not to drive in his condition before crossing the lawn to question the bride and groom.

“Supposedly your food contained cannabis,” an assistant asked the newly married couple. “Did you guys allow that?”

Andrew Svoboda, Danya’s fiancé, stutters: “I have no idea. His face is blurred in the images and he has not been charged.

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According to court documentspolice noticed Andrew had “a blank expression” on his face and it took him a few seconds to respond to the officer’s question.

The bride can be seen in the pictures smiling behind her husband. She shakes her head when the police ask again if they allowed the addition of cannabis in food.

Court documents estimate that around 50 guests attended the cannabis-related reception and that at least 18 people said they felt high or sick after eating. Some were vomiting and asked to be taken to hospital.

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First responders who treated guests at the scene said their symptoms were “consistent with someone who had used illegal drugs”. Some guests who were treated in hospital had urine tests that came back positive for cannabis use.

A guest, Jeffery Belmonte, told police he “felt weird, tingly, restless and had an extremely dry mouth” after eating. He went to ask the best man, Matthew Svoboda, what was going on and found “he was inconsistent and couldn’t answer a question”.

Miranda Cady, another victim, told investigators she saw Bryant, the caterer, spooning a green mix into the olive oil that came with the bread. Cady recognized Bryant at an earlier event Danya hosted and asked Bryant if there was marijuana in the food. Cady said Bryant laughed and shook his head yes.

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Cady confronted Danya on the dance floor and the bride allegedly admitted to doping the food. Cady says Danya “acted like (she) should be excited like she was getting a present.”

A victim who ate laced food described feeling like she “had no control over her mind and body”.

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While being treated in hospital, the victim became paranoid that a family member had died and she had not been informed. She became “noisy and unruly” in the emergency room and needed something to be administered to help calm her down.

Investigators collected food and glassware from the event to test for illegal substances.

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They also discovered that food had been dumped on the lawn of a property adjacent to the clubhouse. When samples of bread and lasagna found in the bags were tested, the results came back positive for THC, the active ingredient in cannabis.

Court records show Danya and Bryant were released on bail and released from the Seminole County Jail. They will both be indicted in June.

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