Furious bride wants to rescind friend’s wedding invitation after seeing ‘horrifying’ outfit

Imagine if you were getting married and someone decided to wear a dress similar to the one you wore…pretty sure you would become the ultimate bridezilla

She has explained countless times why she is upset (stock image)

Getting married is supposed to be one of the most exciting days of your life.

Granted, it can come with its constraints and drawbacks, but usually the people around you will go out of their way to try to make it as smooth as possible for you.

But sadly, that’s not always the case, and one woman was so frustrated with her boyfriend’s fashion choice for the day that she thought it would ruin the whole day. So much so that she debates not inviting him to the celebrations.

Taking to Reddit to express her frustration, she explained that her 24-year-old college pal, whom she refers to as “B”, was very excited about her outfit as it was her first non-family wedding.

She writes: “Now, while we are both British, B is ethnically white where I am South Asian. She said she wanted to wear a saree to my wedding, so I told her a few places where she could find one and she went shopping and I told her that red was our wedding color and therefore should be avoided.

“Now she says she fell in love with a red and gold saree and bought it. I told her it was the color of my wedding dress and she had to find another She said she was sure it wouldn’t matter on the day but like… it’s the equivalent of someone wearing a white dress to a western wedding.

She explained that red is the color of the bride (stock image)

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“She refuses to compromise and change her outfit because she loves it so much and she won’t have another occasion where it suits her to wear a saree.

“I don’t want anyone wearing red and gold on my wedding day. WIBTA if I uninvited her for that? »

People were quick to point out how horrified a western bride would be if someone wore a white wedding dress to her wedding.

One wrote: “She insists on wearing a wedding dress to your wedding. She can stay home and wear it there.

“You told her no rouge and she won’t respect it so no more invitations.” If she can’t show respect, she’s no longer welcome. It’s a common rule,” fumes another.

Others noted that she made the decision deliberately, rather than accidentally showing up in something similar.

They wrote: “The difference is knowledge that you’re doing this rather than making an accidental fashion decision.”

Do you think she’s right not to invite him? Have your say in the comments section below.

“Exactly, if it was a long white evening dress at a western style wedding, it would be the same, but she (the guest maybe more) doesn’t seem to understand.

“I think instead of strictly disinviting her, tell her for the 100th time that what she bought is a wedding dress and what you’re going to wear, so it’s inappropriate for her to wear it as well, then let her know if she walks in, she won’t be let in and follow through.

“Makes it more obvious to everyone that it’s their fault and not yours, and not just any ‘bridezilla’ behavior, at least in my opinion,” one said.

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