Groom refuses to marry bride after finding out she ate with left hand

Photo showing a disgruntled groom with his family at the wedding venue. —
  • In India, it is against etiquette to eat with the left hand and is considered disrespectful.
  • The bride’s parents say she had a disability due to which she could not eat with her right hand.
  • The bride’s parents call the police; the groom and parents later agree to continue the marriage.

While weddings in South Asia are joyous occasions for the groom, bride, and their friends and families, many strange wedding-related incidents have recently started to surface on social media.

Whether it’s beating the bride, refusing a marriage without a dowry or rejecting a groom for being bald, internet users have seen it all in the past few months. And now a man from Dandeli, located in the Indian state of Karnataka, is making headlines after he refused to marry his wife as she uses her left hand to eat.

In India, it is against etiquette to eat with the left hand and is considered disrespectful.

According to a report by Daijiworld.coma couple were getting married at Lord Shiva temple at Kolagi in Dandeli where the groom nearly disowned his bride and threatened to annul the wedding because she was left handed.

According to the piece, the two families had mutually agreed to the wedding and everything was going according to plan, but on the wedding day, as the food was served and the couple began to eat together, the groom noticed that this bride ate with her. left hand.

The discovery upset him and he decided to call off the wedding, saying such behavior was “unacceptable” in his family. Her parents also reportedly supported the decision and threatened the bride’s family to take the barat back.

Panicked by the decision, the girl’s parents asked the groom and his family not to take such a drastic step and asked them to “settle any misunderstandings through mutual discussions”.

They said that since the girl had a disability, it was difficult to use her right hand to eat. According to the report, the groom and his parents agreed to the marriage despite knowing the girl had a disability.

While the groom and his family decided not to budge and remained adamant that they would call off the wedding, the girl’s relatives decided to call the 112 police hotline.

When the police arrived at the wedding venue with a constable, they tried to convince the groom’s family to reconsider.

As a result, the police took the couple and their families to a counseling center where the groom was advised not to take such a drastic step and ruin a girl’s life.

After some consultation, the groom and his family were convinced and decided to continue with the wedding festivities and bring the bride home, according to the report.

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