HBO’s Father of the Bride remake is set in Miami


Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan in “Father of the Bride”

The trailer is out and now we’re excited.

Because this remake of “Father of the Bride,” airing on HBO Max on June 16, has a Miami twist.

Directed by Gaz Alazraki (“Club de Cuervos”), this latest reboot is helmed by Oscar nominee Andy Garcia (Billy) alongside pop icon Gloria Estefan (Ingrid). The two local powerhouses play a long-married Cuban couple on the verge of divorce.

After their daughter Sofia (Adria Arjona) gets engaged to cash-strapped Mexican hipster Adan (Diego Boneta), the real drama begins.

It’s Sofia who pops the question, much to Dad’s dismay, but he’ll pay for the wedding anyway.

“Fathers play a big role in their daughter’s life,” Garcia says in the clip. “It’s a special bond that only they share, and even when she’s grown up, she’s still daddy’s little girl.”

“We’re supposed to play the perfect family until Sofia gets married,” says Ingrid, who agrees to pretend to be happy with Billy until the knot is tied.

You’ll notice the various iconic locations on the 305 where the movie was filmed: the Venetian Causeway, Museum Park, the Biltmore Hotel and of course Miami Beach.

You’ll also notice the chemistry between Garcia and Estefan, longtime friends who last performed on “For Love or Country” in 2000.

“We’re very close, so it was very easy to walk into the room and say, ‘OK, now we’re married,'” Garcia told Entertainment Weekly. “It was a huge joy for me and she is a woman that I admire enormously. We are a family. It was easy to get into that dynamic.

As for Estefan, the singer had a major challenge with the role: the love scenes.

“I had to kiss Andy, marital style!” the Miami Sound Machine icon said on “The Talk.” “Oh my god. I was nervous because he’s been my friend all these years. I didn’t want to get upset [his wife, Marivi]. He said, ‘No, no. Only you get a free pass, if anyone had one.

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