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Romee Strijd, the blonde model known for being one of the Victoria’s Secret angels, is getting married. Her boyfriend Laurens van Leeuwen made her the much sought-after marriage proposal, giving her a beautiful engagement ring on a dream vacation: that’s what precious gold and diamonds are worth.

Romee Strijd is a famous model of Dutch origin, she became famous for being among the angels of Victoria’s Secret, and in the last hours we started talking about her again. The reason? She experienced one of the most beautiful and romantic moments of her life when she received the long-awaited marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend. Laurens van Leeuwen. Of course, she couldn’t help but document it all on social media, thrilling followers with a dreamy scene. As tradition dictates, there was no shortage the engagement ring precious: that’s what the gold and diamond jewel proudly displayed on Instagram is worth.

The model’s dream marriage proposal

The marriage proposal received by Romee Strijd was extremely romantic: she was on vacation in Switzerland with her boyfriend Laurens van Leeuwen, the two had organized it to celebrate their 12th anniversary of engagement. During a hike in the snowy mountains, the boy then asks his top to spend the rest of his life with him. After a first moment of emotion and shock, the model’s answer was yes. The two have not only been together for over a decade, they also had a child in 2020, so the wedding will only be a formality and will once again confirm a deep and long-lasting love.

Romee Strijd's marriage proposal

Romee Strijd’s marriage proposal

Victoria’s Secret model’s engagement ring

If the future husband of Megan Fox aimed with originality for a circle of thorns which “leaves its mark” each time it is paraded, the boyfriend of Romee Strijd preferred to respect the traditions. When he asked the model for her hand, he slipped a minimal and chic ring on her finger. It is a precious white gold with a maxi set with diamonds, the stone has a round cut and is surrounded by three pavé diamonds on each side, a detail that adds an extra shiny touch to the jewel but without “stealing attention” on the stone center. According to Apeksha Kothari, the Chief Operating Officer of Rare Carat, the value of the ring would be around 400,000 dollars, or more than 351,000 euros.

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