How to Start and Grow a Successful Wedding Photography Business

Becoming a competent photographer with a good creative aptitude is only half of what it takes to become a successful wedding professional. This fantastic video tutorial will give you a ton of useful tips and information on how to start and build a wedding photography business.

Coming from Chelsea Nicole Photography, this helpful video tutorial will give you lots of useful information on starting and growing a successful wedding photography business, including eventually moving into the high-end wedding space. The mistake I often see photographers make is focusing only on improving their skills with a camera. Of course, you need to master your camera technique before trying to exploit it for income. However, if you focus only on this without paying attention to developing the skills necessary to run a successful business, you are likely to set yourself up for failure in the professional field. In fact, I know a lot of very successful professionals who may not be world-class photographers, but who make a lot of money because they have strong business skills and treat photography like the service that their business provides, rather than putting it on a pedestal and trying to build financial success around it. Watch the video above for the full recap.

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