I am a gypsy bride…I fell in love with a prisoner, our marriage was perfect, until my mother showed up

A GYPSY mom barged into her daughter’s wedding ceremony because she didn’t approve of her fiancé.

Introducing your parents to the person you want to marry is a stressful task for most of us – and a Gypsy woman knows it all too well.


The two were having a wonderful ceremony – until the mother of the bride burst in to protestCredit: TLC
Mum said she didn't want her daughter to be with a 'jail bird'


Mum said she didn’t want her daughter to be with a ‘jail bird’Credit: TLC

Appearing on US Gypsy BridesJett, 26, revealed how she was looking forward to her big day and was definitely not afraid to go all out.

”I have rhinestones on my eyelids, I have ruffles of gold glitter in my hair – it goes on. ”

But as Jett and her future husband, Bubba, 22, prepared to wow everyone with their glamorous outfits, not everyone shared the same excitement.

Piling makeup on her face, Jett’s mother, Angie, revealed she wouldn’t let the two say “yes.”

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“I don’t like Bubba – because Bubba could face jail time,” she explained.

“Any smart mother in my shoes would do the same as me.

“Because no one wants their daughter to have a prison bird. ”

Determined to break up the couple, Angie said she would get her daughter back.

Surrounded by friends and family, Jett and Bubba’s wedding was in full swing, the two staring into each other’s eyes, when suddenly mum, Angie, burst into the ceremony.

Screaming and creating a scene, Angie saw Bubba rush out of the room in what looked like an attempt to start a fight.

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“You’re not going to be with my f*****g daughter, I won’t have her under f*****g circumstances,” Angie cried angrily.

“Get on with your fucking horseshoe on your back. ”

In fact, the situation got so tense that Jett then walked out calling her mother a “psycho” and called the groom back inside to complete the ceremony and become a married couple.

However, Angie didn’t have it and forced her way in too, with guests sitting in shock at what they were witnessing.

With a security guard preying on the enraged woman, she was promptly evicted from the premises.

“My daughter deserves better than that,” she said.

Luckily the incident, while unexpected and very verbal, didn’t put the bribe in a bad mood, as she was still ready to “party”.

“I’m definitely not going to let my mother ruin my marriage under any circumstances.

”I’m going to make the most of it – with or without it.”

Much like the wedding guests, viewers were shocked, with many running to the comments to share their thoughts.

“I love the irony of her mum saying her daughter deserves a better husband when she acted so shamefully and embarrassed herself,” one wrote.

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Another pointed out: ”It’s surprising how mature the daughter is compared to how childishly the mother acted. ”

“Nobody wants their daughter with a prison bird!” Says the chic who seems to start bar fights when people call her ma’am!” someone else thought.

The enraged mum had to be forcibly removed from the wedding ceremony


The enraged mum had to be forcibly removed from the wedding ceremonyCredit: TLC
Despite the drama, the bride was ready to ''party''


Despite the drama, the bride was ready to ”party”Credit: TLC

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