I bought my fiancé’s engagement ring online and I love it

What is the process of buying an engagement ring online? I recently purchased a diamond ring from Adiamor. Here’s what I learned, what I liked, and what I would do differently in the future.

Buying a diamond is an expensive purchase and can take a lot of research. While you can always go to a local jewelry store or chain store to find a diamond, shopping online takes the pressure off the sales experience and can help you keep the engagement a surprise.

I started researching the best places to buy engagement rings. I narrowed down the selection to several before the process on Adiamor appealed to me, with great information on each diamond and a plethora of settings to choose from.



  • Easy to sort and compare diamonds
  • Wide range of engagement rings
  • Fast shipping and free returns

The inconvenients:

  • It is better to send back for resizing or service

Buy from Adiamor.

Find the perfect diamond

It was easy to find the perfect diamond at the right price on Adiamor.
Josh Smith

I landed on Adiamor thanks to the image of a ring that pleased my now fiancé. The site’s selection contains over 7,000 diamonds and its filtering options have proven to be essential. I spent a lot of time refining my search criteria to find the perfect diamond.

At this stage of buying a ring, you should know the four VSs purchase of diamonds: carat, cut, clarity and color. While working through the process in the comfort of my own home, I was able to delve deeper to understand how the shape of the diamond, in combination with each of the four VSs, impacted the appearance of the diamond, as well as what else I should consider when shopping.

The search and comparison pages allow me to click to view information about a diamond’s fluorescence, table, depth, symmetry, polish, and girdle. In a store, I wouldn’t have the same time to look. With the online functionality, I could browse and compare, spending several hours looking at the stones.

It was easy to browse dozens of diamonds of different grades and sizes without any sales pressure. This allowed me to find the best mix of cut, color and clarity, and opt for a larger diamond.

Selection of Adiamor diamonds
With Adiamor, you can filter and compare dozens of diamonds from the comfort of your couch.
Josh Smith

The diamond information page includes a video of the diamond, illustrations that highlight crucial aspects of the diamond, and a report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which I could see on the page. The 360 ​​degree video of the diamond allowed me to look closely at the table, the top part of the diamond, to look for flaws that I could see with my eyes.

I narrowed down my exhaustive search to a few diamonds, which I was able to share with a small circle of friends for feedback. I sent them a link to the page, and they were able to watch without me trying to take pictures at a store or having to bring someone with me.

There’s still a little bit of the unknown when you only see the diamond on screen, but Adiamor offers a 30-day return policy on unworn rings. It allowed me to look at the diamond in person, and also to have some flexibility in case my girlfriend at the time didn’t like it. During the holiday period, Adiamor extended this return period, but it was not something I needed to use.

Choose engagement setting

Adiamor engagement ring
Finding this amazing diamond setting and band was not stressful as I could take my time and watch from home.
Josh Smith

Finding the perfect diamond is only half of the equation. The frame is equally important, it plays a major role in the overall look. I knew I wanted a wedding ring that was at least 2 millimeters thick, and I wanted to be able to get a matching wedding ring without looking for it later.

I found the perfect band that is delicate enough to allow the diamond I chose to shine and stand out. The R3071 setting features two small sets of diamonds that extend to both sides of the main diamond to accentuate the look, but do not inflate the overall size of the diamond like some settings do.

I was a little worried about what this frame would look like in person and if my fiancé would like it. I was comfortable enough to make the purchase through Adiamor’s return option.

After sales service

Adiamor’s customer service team is incredibly easy to work with. They were quick to answer questions, including when to return from vacation, and provided great follow-up information.

The company offers free next day shipping via FedEx, with signature confirmation. He nailed down the estimated delivery time, which allowed me to inspect the ring and then plan the proposal.

I wouldn’t change anything about the ring or the diamond I bought, but I would have returned directly to Adiamor for the resizing. Despite using a ring sizer, my fiancé ended up needing a size smaller. If you can, it’s a good idea to have a jeweler check the size in person, as this may give advice that you don’t get using a sizer.

Adiamor offers free resizing, but we let a local jeweler resize the ring. It was a free service while my fiancé was choosing my wedding ring. (Adiamor has a wide selection of men’s wedding bands in classic metallic finishes, but I was looking for something different.) Unfortunately, the local jeweler had to work on my fiancé’s ring three times to get this simple process right. In the end, it would have been quicker and better to pay to send the ring back to Adiamor to have it resized.

We’re happy with the result now, but I highly recommend going straight back to Adiamor, even if it means longer time without the ring while resizing. I purchased my fiancé’s matching wedding ring on Adiamor, and their customer service team helped me confirm the size and other purchase details.

Should I buy a ring from Adiamor?

Adiamor is a great place to buy an engagement ring online. Customer support is very helpful in explaining the different options, locating which bands go together, and they helped me apply a discount code when it didn’t work with my initial purchase.

I love the ring and my fiancé loves the ring. Without having had the opportunity to sift through dozens of diamonds from the comfort of my own home, I don’t think I would have found such a perfect combination.

Buy from Adiamor.

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