Imlie update, March 29: Imlie lets Gudiya dress as a bride to marry Aryan

In the last episode, Gudiya is dressed as Imlie. Imlie makes sure she looks like him. Aryan enters the room with Gudiya hiding behind the veil and Imlie hiding behind the bed.

Aryan confesses that although they are getting married, Imlie means nothing to him.

Gudiya learns after learning her confession. Aryan says he will be her support only as a friend and promises never to give up on her but nothing more. And if she can’t consider him a friend, she can consider him a mentor. Aryan tells her to nod if she accepts and Gudiya happily accepts.

Aryan leaves with Gudiya for the mandap thinking she is Imlie.

Guests arrive at the wedding. Meethi is happy to see Satyakam at the wedding. As Gudiya and Aryan are heading towards the mandap, Satyakam stops them. Meethi introduces Satyakam to Aryan. He touches Satyakam’s feet and feels happy that he can attend his daughter’s wedding.

Aryan promises that Imlie will never be hurt again.

Satyakam and Meethi try to talk to Imlie. He tells her to remove the veil. Gudiya’s mother steps in to save the day. Aryan’s mother introduces her as Badi maa and asks them all to follow the rituals.

Before the wedding, Aryan prays to God saying that he will always protect Imlie from Aditya Kumar Tripathi.

On the other hand, Imlie decides to flee the place. However, Badi maa stops her and asks her to be careful. She reveals her true intentions to ruin Aryan and his family in front of Imlie. Now Imlie is wary of letting Gudiya marry Aryan.

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