In Peru, dogs ‘marry’ on Valentine’s Day – and dress up for the occasion

LIMA, Feb 14 (Reuters) – Cynthia Ceballos’ Valentine’s Day celebration on Monday in Peru’s capital Lima was not about her own love life: it was about the wedding of two of her fluffy white little dogs .

Dressed in Andean-inspired clothing, Ceballos’ dogs were the winners of the MatriCan de Lima – a game on the Spanish words for “wedding” and “dog” – a local competition that celebrates Valentine’s Day by dressing dogs as if they were about to get married.

“I saw an Andean wedding and I said, ‘Why can’t I do the same with my little dogs?’ says Ceballos.

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Mass weddings are common in Peru, especially on Valentine’s Day. It is a way for Peruvians who cannot afford to celebrate their own marriage and ensure that their union is legally recognized. Mass weddings with dogs are just one variant of the tradition.

Some dogs were dressed in more conventional clothing – a bow tie for the groom, a bell-shaped white dress for the bride. Others wore colorful summer outfits appropriate for the warm southern hemisphere season. One owner even put a veil on one of the dogs.

The owners then helped their dogs sign their marriage papers, lifting their paws and pressing them to paper. At the end, the dogs and owners all took a picture together.

“On this very special day which is the day of love and friendship, we married 8 pairs of dogs,” said Patricia Ballari of the Lima Parks Department, who organized the event.

“They received their marriage certificate. … We had a great time with the owners who brought their four-legged friends,” Ballari said.

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Reporting by Reuters TV; Editing by Mark Porter

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