In the world of Chinese wedding photography

Feast your eyes!

The term marriage photography can have a ton of different meanings. For some couples, this is a structured photoshoot that takes place before the wedding and is used to immortalize this new bridal bliss. For other couples, it may be a photograph taken exclusively at the wedding event by a professional photographer. Other couples might simply opt to have their reception recorded on cell phone cameras, allowing friends and family to remember the event in their own way.

Or, if you live in mainland China, your wedding photo might look like something out of a particularly magical love movie poster:

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The world of in-store pre-wedding photography has exploded over the past decade in China, with more couples seeing it as a staple of the country’s traditionally long wedding process. The result? Many newlywed couples have immortalized their engagement with photography like this:

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This particularly cinematic flair on the bride’s wedding veil is not the result of some kind of anti-gravity fabric design, it is actually a popular photography technique used to infuse photos with a sense of movement. Here is this effect from another angle:

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Certainly, staging a photo like this is just the beginning for inventive Chinese photographers. A deceptive amount of setup and physical activity can be required to take that perfect shot.

Want a better idea of ​​its popularity? Here is a shoot from another, another one angle.

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And yes, they are all different couples.

So if you’re looking for some must-have inspiration for your own wedding portraits, look no further.

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