Inside Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosale’s wedding: bride makes grand entrance, groom kisses her hands after jaimala

Comedians Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosale tied the knot in Jalandhar last week on April 26. Even though the wedding festivities are over, the two continue to delight fans with never-before-seen images and videos of the various ceremonies.

On Sunday, Sugandha shared two videos of the wedding. The first was a clip of the jaimala ceremony, in which she and Sanket were seen exchanging garlands, while their friends and family cheered them on. He then kissed her hands and put his arms around her to pose for photos. The other video was of his grand entry on a doli.

Sanket posted the video of the jaimala ritual on his own Instagram page and wrote: “Maharashtra chi ‘Soon’ @ sugandhamishra23. Punjab da ‘Damad’ @drrrsanket. “

Sugandha shared photos of her bridal look and of her posing in a yellow satin gown with her name written on the back. She also posted a photo gallery with Sanket performing various rituals including taking pheras. They also posed with their parents in some of the photos.

Sugandha and Sanket shared photos and videos of their wedding festivities on Instagram, with the hashtag “Suket” (a fusion of their names). In a clip from their ring ceremony, he could be seen getting moved as he expressed his love for her in a romantic speech. She then wiped away her tears.

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The couple also posted some funny videos. A clip showed Sanket calling Sugandha “Mrs. Bhosale”, but she responded by calling him “Mr. Mishra”, leaving him perplexed.

Earlier, Sanket told Pinkvilla he was supposed to marry Sugandha last year, but their marriage has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Now the second wave is here, but how much more can we delay. But we follow all the standards set by the government, ”he said.

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