Kerala man sets up ‘wedding dress bank’ to help poor brides

In this viral post, a man from Kerala runs a “wedding dress bank” for poor girls on the most important day. He has helped around 260 wives so far.

Weddings are extremely expensive, as are wedding dresses and lehengas. Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day, but many brides cannot afford such dresses because of their prices. A guy from Kerala helped these girls on their memorable day in life.

According to the article, Nasar Thootha, a taxi driver in Kerala, has helped more than 260 brides by giving them a free wedding dress. Thootha distributes sarees, ankle-length skirts and dresses that have been donated by privileged families to low-income women.

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Nasar had previously worked in Saudi Arabia and upon his return to India he worked with state organizations to rehabilitate the disadvantaged and the homeless. During this time, he encountered families who could not afford to buy their daughters’ wedding dresses.

Thootha then decided to start these donations in 2020 and started asking individuals to donate their unwanted wedding dresses. Many people brought their wedding dresses, and Thootha received dozens of large packages that were delivered to her door.

Thootha told the media, “Wedding attire is all about vanity. They are worn for a few hours and then never come out of the cupboards. Aware of this, many families have come forward to support our cause.

He added, “With the grace of God, I personally don’t have to invest any money in running the clothing bank. I’m just one channel through which women who need it most receive them from kind donors.

After that, he had the dresses dry cleaned and placed them in airtight containers. The brides contacted him on Facebook and then went to the bank to pick out a dress. Its clothing bank currently includes 800 wedding suits including saris, lehengas and dresses, which range in price from Rs 5,000 to Rs 50,000, suitable for Hindu, Muslim and Christian weddings.

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