Kim fuels Usman engagement rumors in new photo

Kim Menzies surprises 90 Day Fiancé viewers by showing off new bling on her left hand. Some fans are convinced that Usman Umar popped the question.

Kim Menzies surprised more than one 90 day fiance fans by posting a ring on Instagram, which sparked engagement rumors to Usman Umar. This is quite a shocking rumor as Kim and Usman are not well placed at the moment. The Nigerian rapper is featured on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 5 with Kim, but the couple aren’t even dating. After Usman’s tumultuous marriage to Lisa”baby girl“Hamme, he wants to take his relationship with Kim slow. He doesn’t want to rush into intimacy with her and just considers her a potential girlfriend at the moment.

However, the San Diego resident wants to turn her friendship with Usman into an intimate relationship. Kim got super excited when the 33-year-old musician came out of her room and decided to spend a night in her honeymoon suite. Since she wanted to have sex with Usman, she wore her sexy lingerie to seduce him. But Kim’s drunken antics and sexual demands annoyed her Nigerian co-star. Usman refused to have sex with Kim and even decided to leave his room at one point. 90 day fiance fans blasted the 50-year-old for her aggressive behavior and expected her relationship with Usman to end.


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However, new photos of Kim on Instagram suggest otherwise. She posted three photos wearing a classic black top and blue jeans, and captioned the post, “I am beautiful in my skin.“Kim looked beautiful in all the photos, but the last one caught the attention of many fans. 90 day fiance The actor can be seen wearing bling on the fourth finger of his left hand. The awkward pose of her hand suggests she’s trying to get fans’ attention for her sparkling ring.

A fan page shared an enlarged version of Kim’s photo with the caption (via 90shotzfired), “It looks like an engagement ring“Many other TLC viewers aren’t surprised that Usman may have popped the question because he’s apparently still looking for ways to stay on the show to further his music career. One user commented, “Looks like an engagement ring to me. Another chimed in:We will probably [see] them in the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé!“However, some 90 day fiance fans think Usman isn’t interested in Kim at all, and he probably can’t afford to propose with such a big ring.

It’s possible that Kim wore her mother’s ring, who was featured on the show and recently passed away. But there’s also a possibility that Usman proposed to his superfan towards the end of the show. Although this couple recently had a heated argument, some clues suggest that they are still together. In fact, Usman’s behavior towards Kim suggests he really likes her. In all cases, 90 day fiance fans would be shocked if Usman and Kim actually get engaged.

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Sources: Kim Menzies/Instagram, 90shotzfired/Instagram

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