Lorain County bridal shop closes, bride-to-be without dress

After the bride-to-be and 3News contacted the boutique several times, the owner contacted the bride and told her he would deliver the dress to her.

SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — In April 2021, Lindsey Boyer and a few loved ones traveled from her home in Clyde to Sheffield Village for a very exciting day — wedding dress shopping.

Boyer said on April 18 that she found a dress at the Candlelite Bridal store, describing the dress as an A-line silhouette with beading on top and sparkle.

“I always said my dress had to be all sparkly,” she said.

Boyer had been to Candlelite Bridal before when she accompanied her to shop for her best friend’s wedding dress. She described that experience in September 2019 as “fantastic”.

When it was her turn in April, Boyer returned to Candlelite Bridal and ended up buying a dress off the rack and paying it all in cash. According to her April 18, 2021 receipt, she paid a total of $938.33.

“They told me they suggested I store it there until it’s changed so I don’t have to worry about moving it back and forth,” he said. she stated. “And I was also worried that I’d get too excited and end up showing my fiancé my dress. So I was like, ‘I’m just going to keep it there so I don’t have to carry it around.’

Boyer and her mom were talking about the June wedding on Sunday when she decided to call Candlelite Bridal to schedule her touch-ups. It was then that she realized that something was wrong.

“I Googled Candlelite Bridal, and it comes up ‘permanently closed’. So I would say yesterday (Sunday) from 3:30 p.m. we realized they were closed,” she said.

Boyer said from there, she and her mother started calling numbers they could find online for the business as well as the owner, but found the numbers were disconnected. Boyer said she also tried to message the store’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“Then I messaged their Facebook page and messaged the Candlelite Bridal account on Facebook. And they read my message and never responded. Boyer said she kept trying to contact the store.” Last night before I went to bed I messaged them again on their personal page and then went to message Candlelite again because I knew they had read my message on Candlelite’s Facebook page. When I went to read this message, an exclamation mark appeared and said that my message could not be sent to this user.”

On Monday, 3News searched the Candlelite Bridal Facebook page and received the message “This content is not available at this time.”

“It’s definitely every bride’s worst nightmare,” said Boyer, who is a student teacher.

When 3News visited the Candlelite site on Monday, we found an empty, locked storefront. We spoke with a nearby business who said they believe the store was originally owned by a woman. When this woman died, they believed her son had taken over the business, but was kicked out.

3News also contacted the property’s rental and management company and received no response.

3News called the phone number listed for the store and received an automated message stating that the call could not be completed. 3News also messaged the store and owner, as well as knocking on the door of an address we found for the store owner.

The Cleveland Better Business Bureau said it filed a complaint against the company earlier this month from a Huron consumer. The BBB shared that the company did not respond to the complaint and that the consumer said he put money on a dress in 2020 and was now unable to reach the company.

Then, about 30 minutes after 3News knocked on the door on Monday, Boyer reported receiving a text from the boutique owner, saying he could deliver the dress to her home.

After our initial “What’s New” story aired, 3News’ Isabel Lawrence also received a message from the owner that “we’ve contacted the bride and delivered her dress to her.”

3News will stick with this story until Boyer gets her dress back.

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