MAFS: James Weir recaps episode 22 | Olivia’s cruel revenge with ‘poo dress’

A MAFS woman’s jaw-dropping form of recovery is revealed – moments before she was embroiled in a fight with broken glass. James Weir recaps.

The dark side of Married At First Sight’s beautiful two-shoe woman is exposed with the reveal of a Monday night “poo dress” revenge scheme that, in all honesty, looks more gruesome than the kind of drink it precedes .

Admit it. Your mind is buzzing as it tries to figure out what that crazy girl did to that damn dress.

All you need to know right now is that the Glass Spell in tonight’s Wild Woman Fight is sane in comparison.

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Dom and Olivia are still furious after they got each other’s throats during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

We watch Domenica furiously hanging around her apartment in her plush Vegemite slippers.

And when we check on Olivia, she offers a glimpse of the dark side to come.

“Dom and Jack are so full of shit,” she sneers. “It’s a little yelping Chihuahua.”

Just a reminder, this fight started on Carolina. And what does she do the day after the quarrel? Ha! Pah-bail. She’s too busy to think of anything stupid. There are margaritas to drink and business to pursue.

She flees to meet Daniel at an unusually dark and abandoned restaurant. The conversation is electric.

“You are very beautiful and green,” he told her.

That’s all Carolina needs to hear. Seconds later, Dan grabs her ass in an alley as they kiss.

“I get excited,” he whispers.

We drag behind a stack of old crates and chairs to film the groping.

At first, we feel sorry for Dion — at home, alone, while the woman he’s paired up with in this experiment is outside getting her ass fucked by another man. But he will be fine. All the contestants are leaving town for a weekend getaway and he’s treated himself to a new Juicy Couture tracksuit.

You know the only thing louder than Dion fashion? Dominic’s voice.

She complains about her sex life to the girls but doesn’t realize her husband Jack is within earshot, along with all the other boys.

“We haven’t had sex for almost two weeks,” she laments. “I just got to a point where I feel like he never makes me feel sexy. I’ve always been a very sexual person, so it’s actually very confronting to be with Jack. and not to have that in return.

Jack is drained. Humiliated! Almost more humiliated than the time Dom told everyone he never flushed the toilet.

He ends up confronting her but she reverses the blame which makes him sneer, “f**k off”, then she stomps around yelling, “Don’t ever tell me to f**k off!”

Can you imagine owning this magnificent million dollar estate and turning on the television to find the MAFS lunatics having sex arguments on your pristine lawn?

It’s the storm before the storm. With Dom angry and the girls at their throats, the producers decide to supercharge the ugliness by splitting up the wives and husbands for a night of drinking.

We already know this is where the broken glass incident will take place, but the beginning is ominous and important to note.

“I don’t back down and change my mind to suit others,” Olivia tells us as she changes her outfit and examines herself in the mirror.

“I was a bridesmaid for a dear friend. She chose these awful brown bridesmaid dresses. When I owned the dress for six months, she asked me if I liked them. And I was like, ‘I don’t like them, I hate them, they’re disgusting. Like, why are you making me dress like a poo?

“And then she got grumpy with me and kicked me out of my career as a bridesmaid. And then she asked to get the dress back. I cut it up and sent it to her in five pieces with the kitchen scissors, just chop, chop, chop.

Hmm. wow. Fair … wow. And while she’s telling us about retrieving the crooked poo dress, she’s nasty smile. Who on earth would reveal this story about themselves?

“People think I’m just a lover. But, I can be bitchy. I can be awful on time.”

Yeah, we thought. Also we are going to need to see pictures of the poo dress pls. Preferably before cutting it.

This bizarre anecdote foreshadows Olivia’s dark side that is about to be exposed moments later during the girls’ night out. She got wind of her sworn enemy Dom’s confession about her sex life.

So when the wine starts to flow, Olivia decides to take an aggressive passive hit.

“You guys, I got the most intense the orgasm I’ve ever had during sex this afternoon. I legitimately passed out. Has this ever happened to anyone before? she places a palm on her chest and looks Dom in the eye.

The declaration lands like a… like a… Well, it lands like an Al in a pond.

On the other side of the farm, the show’s adult toddler stripped naked and threw his body into a dam.

By the time we get back to the ladies, they’ve all gotten sick of each other.

” You do not have to to like Dion, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a female dog to Dio! Dom yells at Carolina.

Caroline retaliates. “And that doesn’t mean you have to be a b*tch to me!”

Olivia decides it’s her turn again. “You know what Dom? I’m sick of hearing you scream – all the fucking time! I’m tired of your voice screaming all the fucking time! I’m tired of your voice! I’m fucking bored!”

This touches a nerve with Dom. Particularly because it was her loud voice that got her into trouble hours earlier when all of the Southern Highlands heard her lashing out at her husband’s sexual skills.

“It’s just my way of speaking!” she screams. “It’s my voice!” All my fucking life, I’ve been told my voice was-“

Suddenly, Dom takes a cup and smashes it on the table – shards of glass fly everywhere in a jet of liquid.

Then she gets up and bends over Olivia and Carolina – who are terrified. Surprisingly, Wet Cat Kate is as placid as we’ve ever seen her.

“That’s literally how I talk!” Dom sobs before staggering into the shaded backyard, alone and moaning.

The camera lingers on the intact stem of the broken glass.

A stunned silence falls on the patio. What we all just witnessed was shockingly aggressive. But still nowhere near as pathological as Olivia and her poop dress revenge.

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