Malaga local police deliver bride to her wedding after her car breaks down

After finding a bride with her car broken down, local police officers in Malaga delivered her to the wedding

A bride-to-be was given an unexpected chivalrous moment by two local Malaga police officers on Monday, May 2. On her way to her wedding in the Malaga municipality of Churriana, her car broke down. The nervous bride was now stranded on the side of the road, with her godmother and another daughter.

Just when they thought they wouldn’t make it to the wedding in time, a local Malaga police patrol vehicle pulled up next to them.

Approaching to check that all was well, the distraught bride explained the situation to the two policemen. She was getting married at 1 p.m. in Churriana and the car had broken down. There was no way to start it and being the long holiday weekend they couldn’t find a cab either.

To complete surprise, the cops offered to deliver the bride to him at the wedding. With the authorization of their superior in Malaga, they went to change the vehicle they were driving, as there was a separation screen for the detainees. They then returned to “rescue” the bride and her companions, and brought them to Churriana in time to be married.

“The car wouldn’t start and they tried to call a taxi but they didn’t pick up,” said one of the officers. “It was rush hour and most taxis were busy, they weren’t responding.” The local police in Malaga have prepared a video in which the bride can be seen happy and getting into the police vehicle, while one of the officers opens the back door for her.

“These are the good things that the police arrange,” commented the godmother. “Real life stuff,” added the bride, who thanked the officers. “Nothing, that’s also why we’re here,” replied the policeman, as reported


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