Meet the Zee TV show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions saw gripping drama with Meet Hooda doing his best to stop Isha from marrying Shanty. As we know, Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh) caught Shanty red-handed misbehaving with a Latika girl in a car. Later, Meet was shocked when she learned that Shanty was the chosen boy for Isha. She is now determined to save Isha from this marriage.

However, all of his attempts to expose Shanty have so far failed. We wrote about Meet Hooda only having seven days in which she has to show her true colors.

The upcoming drama will reach the engagement feature of Isha and Shanty. As we know, Shanty was beaten black and blue by Meet, and so wears her sunglasses to the function. Meet will realize this and want to use it as a way to expose Shanty.

During the engagement ceremony, Meet will deliberately turn off the lights and push Shanty. As she falls to the ground, Shanty will drop her glasses, which will reveal her bruised eyes.

Can Meet stop Isha and Shanty’s wedding here?

Watch this space on for updates.

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