Mum bursts into tears after discovering ‘preserved’ wedding dress has turned stale yellow

Mum-of-two Sarah Casson, 46, from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, dreamed of passing down the nearly £2,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted wedding dress to her daughters if she hadn’t had two boys

Sarah Casson, 46, mum-of-two, says she had the dress ‘saved’ for the future at a local dry cleaner nearly 15 years ago

A mum-of-two burst into tears after discovering her shiny white wedding dress had turned stale yellow despite spending hundreds of pounds to preserve it.

Sarah Casson, 46, dreamed of passing her wedding dress on to her children or wearing it for her 20th wedding anniversary with husband Kevin.

But Sarah says she was shocked to tears when she opened the dry cleaner’s box for the first time since they married 13 years ago, birmingham live reports.

She opened the lid to discover that her beautiful silk bodice encrusted with Swarovski crystals had taken on a stale yellow hue.

Sarah, from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, said the dress was ‘very sentimental to me’ and she hoped to pass it on to her daughters if she hadn’t had two boys.

The dress isn’t something her stepdaughters would wear, so she planned to whip it out and get “something you [I] always wanted”.

The telecommunications client partner told Birmingham Live: “We’re moving house so I thought I’d bring it down from the top of the cupboard and maybe sell it.

Swarovski crystal-encrusted bridal bodice turned a stale yellow


Birmingham Live)

“The dress is very sentimental to me. When I got married, I thought I might have a daughter one day who I could pass it on to or turn it into a christening dress for a grandchild.

“But I have two sons and it’s not something their partners would wear, so my husband said why not sell it and use the money to get something you’ve always wanted.

“But that’s why I got the preservative treatment. You pay for it to be treated in a special way and wrapped in acid-free paper so that in years to come it will look like new. and that you can pass it on.

“I haven’t looked at it once all these years. I thought if I opened the box it might ruin its preservation.

Sarah opened the box containing the dress to take a look before Christmas and ‘burst into tears’


Birmingham Live)

“But I opened it before Christmas and burst into tears. The netting still looks white but the bodice was yellow.”

Three years after their 2009 wedding, Sarah took the expensive £2,000 dress to a dry cleaner.

Sarah recalls forking between £250 and £300 for the conservation treatment, but says she lost the receipt over the many years that followed.

“When I saw the dress, I took it straight to the dry cleaners,” Sarah said. “They told me that because it was processed all this time ago, there was nothing they could do.

Sarah claims she paid hundreds to have the dress kept


Birmingham Live)

“It wasn’t like I paid a few pounds to have it cleaned, I paid hundreds of pounds to preserve it.

“What’s so frustrating is that I still have the veil I wore on my wedding day that has never been cleaned and is still crisp white.

“My original plan was to maybe wear the dress again if we renewed our vows on our 20th anniversary.

“I’m in pretty good shape so I could have worn it again, but now I don’t have that option because who wants to wear a yellow wedding dress?”

The dress is still in its original box, which is still in good condition, she said.

A spokesperson for the dry cleaners in question told BirminghamLive: “There was no identification tag on the dress to confirm that we did the conservation 13 years ago.

The dyer in question said there was no evidence he had done the job 13 years ago


Birmingham Live)

“We pack all of our wedding dresses in acid-free fabric and in an acid-free box to make sure it doesn’t affect the color of it, but it does need to be stored at a reasonable and stable temperature.

“It cannot be stored in the attic or anywhere with humid or large temperature changes as this may affect storage.

“When this dress was returned to us it did not have acid free fabric wrapped around it the same way we wrap our wedding dresses and the box looked like it had been knocked around a bit, with some wet spots and water marks on it.”

They added: “[The discolouration] will depend on how it was stored.”

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