My mother-in-law basically asked to wear a wedding dress on my big day…it’s cream and lace but she didn’t see the point

FOR any wedding day, there are certain unwritten rules of etiquette that all guests must follow.

So an unnamed bride-to-be was in shock when her future mother-in-law revealed the bridal-inspired cream maxi dress she was hoping to wear for the “little destination wedding” in Ohio, US.


A bride-to-be, from the USA, was shocked when her soon-to-be mother-in-law revealed the bride-inspired maxi dress (pictured)Credit: Reddit
The controversial dress in question features lace detailing, nude lining and even a train


The controversial dress in question features lace detailing, nude lining and even a trainCredit: Reddit

Take from Reddit, the frustrated woman shared a snap of the controversial dress which features lace detailing, nude lining and even a train.

She went on to explain how the intricately detailed ensemble bears a strong resemblance to her chosen wedding dress, which is mermaid style and similarly features nude lining and ivory.

“The fact that it has a little train bothers me too, not just the color,” she explained. “If it was actually just floor length (or midi length, or tea length) and lined in navy blue or emerald green, I think it would work for sure.

And it wasn’t long before social media users took to the comments section, with many agreeing that the mother-in-law should be ‘reigned’.


“This dress is *absolutely* WAY too bridal to wear to a wedding,” one wrote. “It even looks like ANOTHER wedding dress is in the dressing room in the second photo on the back? Especially if your dress is lined nude.

In response, the bride-to-be commented, “Omg I think you’re absolutely right that there’s another wedding dress hanging in the dressing room.

“I also showed her pictures of my dress! She knows it’s nude lined!”

The bewildered woman also explained how her future mother-in-law had ‘gave in and accepted’ that she and her fiancé didn’t think it was ‘appropriate’.

She went on to say how they told her it was more of a ‘cocktail dress’, but noted that she seemed ‘unsure’ what that meant – before asking about more specific colors and whether the hemlines “had to be short”.

The bride-to-be added that she doesn’t think her mother-in-law is “malicious,” but still thinks “it seems slightly off!”

She continued: “Especially after finding out she originally got the dress for her daughter’s black tie wedding in September, and was told she couldn’t wear it either because it was too much. nuptial.”

The fact that it has a little train bothers me too, not just the color

anonymous future bride

And others agreed that the glamorous dress was not appropriate for someone else’s wedding day.

“It’s an easy thing, absolutely not,” one wrote. “Maybe another color but this color no!

“I would choose a few colors or even styles if you need to rule it.”

A second commented: ‘Oh my God’ is what came out of my mouth when I saw it and I’m usually on the side of ‘let people wear what they want’, while a third wrote : “I agree, it’s too nuptial. I think it doesn’t help that what is “marriage” has changed.

Elsewhere, another didn’t see a problem with the styling color, but took issue with the train.

“I think it’s beautiful and not too nuptial except for the train. Nobody wears a train except the bride… Maybe the bridesmaids all of a sudden.

The bride-to-be was confused that her mother-in-law didn't understand the dress code (stock image)


The bride-to-be was confused that her mother-in-law didn’t understand the dress code (stock image)Credit: Getty – Contributor

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