Not-So-Funny Viral Video: Groom Slaps Bride During Wedding Ceremony

In a recent viral video, a groom is seen slapping his bride during their wedding ceremony. The wedding party surrounding the two is visibly stunned by the act of the groom. What happened to the couple after this incident? Did the bride perform the rituals or did she choose to cancel the wedding? Whether his family intervened on his behalf, unfortunately, the aftermath of the incident is unclear.

The now-viral video was shared by someone named Ramsubhag Yadav on Facebook. The groom’s reaction to his bride-to-be shocked guests as well as viewers who watched her on social media. The video has racked up over 2.3 million views to date. While some viewers found the video hilarious, others expressed concern for the bride’s safety. If he shows no inhibitions by slapping her in front of their wedding party, what would stop him from doing it again in the near and distant future?

the viral video hinted that the groom and bride were visibly upset with each other during the ceremony. As the groom is seen giving the bride sweets, she turns her head away after which he throws it at her. In retaliation, the bride also returns a piece of candy to him, after which he proceeds to slap her.

While wedding guests seem shocked by the groom’s unexpected reaction, viewers speculated that the couple must have been forced into the wedding due to them seeming upset about the wedding.

An Instagram user suggested the bride should have left the wedding given the groom’s inappropriate reaction. Another wrote that the groom “really needs lessons!

“And here begins her domestic violence,” another Instagram user wrote. A user who goes by the name of Vasavi expressed his displeasure at people making fun of the incident, saying, “Why are people even joking about it? Correct your sense of humor if you find it funny. Smh”

Groom Slaps Bride During Wedding: Domestic Violence Isn’t Funny

Many viewers wrote that the video was “funny”, sharing laughing emojis in their comments, but is that really the case? Looks like the video got popular for all the wrong reasons. Domestic violence is not something to be laughed at or passed off as a petty spat between husband and wife. Domestic violence is a problem that often goes unnoticed because it is buried under the soil of family duties and social shame that discourages survivors from speaking out.

To mock these issues only goes to show how inconsiderate and ignorant we are as a society, as we too refuse to acknowledge the harassment and disrespect abuse survivors face on a daily basis. Even so, they have to wake up every day hoping for a better future only to have their hopes shattered again and again.

It is easier to speak and preach about such issues from behind a laptop and in the safe environments of our homes, but much more difficult when it comes to calling out the perpetrators who abuse and harass their wives and wives . The only way to encourage survivors to speak up is to show empathy. In addition to discouraging women from speaking out about domestic violence or telling them to “endure” for the sake of their families, stop treating domestic violence as a joke. It’s never funny and no one should have to put up with it.

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