Police rescue stranded Somerset bride to get to church on time

Police have come to the rescue of a bride stranded on the side of the road – to make sure she gets to church in time. Yasmin Lovekin, accompanied by her father, was on her way to wed her sweetheart at the Bristol Registry Office on May 6 when her wedding car broke down in Tickenham.

PC Bridget Griffith and PCSO Kate Turner were on patrol when they spotted the distressed bride outside the broken down white Cadillac on the side of the road. The couple quickly pulled over and spoke to Yasmin Lovekin and the driver to help fix the car.

After it became apparent the car was not easily repairable, officers offered to take the bride and her father to their wedding at a registry office in Bristol. When they approached the location, officers pulled over and adorned the vehicle with ribbons.

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Officers even blew the patrol car’s siren and turned on the blue lights when they arrived at the check-in desk. PC Griffiths said: “We took the route over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, how happily the bride informed us that she had wanted to cross the bridge on her wedding day but was unable to do it in the Cadillac.

“This is just one of the many ways that we as Neighborhood Constables support and help people in our community and wish the bride and her partner all the best in their future together. PCSO Turner added: “A flash of blue lights and a siren blast signaled the arrival of the bride.

Yasmin arrives at the Bristol Registry Office

“We took a few quick photos with the bride, removed the ribbons and resumed our duties. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to accompany the bride and her father to her wedding.

“They were both lovely and it was definitely one of the best times Bridget and I had during our service.”

Yasmin thanked the two officers on the Portishead, Clevedon and Nailsea Neighborhood Policing Team Facebook page. The bride said, “Thank you so much, you made a potentially awkward moment for the day amazing! A story I told everyone at the wedding.”

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