Prayagraj bride and groom dress up as Radha-Groom for wedding reception, go for Bhajans over Bollywood songs!

Prayagraj, February 14: A unique wedding reception was held at Prayagraj over the weekend where the bride and groom dressed up as Radha-Krishna. Their family members also wore traditional dresses and celebrated the event with a mythological touch. The reception scene was set up like Vrindavan, bringing out the right touch of elegance and tradition.

Pawan Kumar Yadav, brother-in-law of groom Abhishek, said: “I along with my wife, Poonam and other family members decided to create a ‘Vrindavan’ type atmosphere instead of reception with the bride and groom. and other family members wearing traditional Indian attire. Viral Video: Bride’s ex-marriage in UP after rejection, applies Sindoor in front of groom.

“While the groom Abhishek was dressed as Lord Krishna with a yellow turban, a morpankh (peacock feather) on his turban headband, a flute in his hand, a pearl necklace and a red dhoti, the bride Pooja was also dressed like Radha.”

The enthusiastic bride and groom, working as IT experts in Mumbai, had also designed their own dresses for their wedding. Initially, it was the idea of ​​the groom to celebrate his wedding with this period theme as he was born on the day of the Janmashtami festival.

The family members also accepted his proposal and organized the big day. The reception had no Bollywood songs but only Radha-Krishna bhajans.

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