Rita Dominic, Kemi Adetiba and MI’s engagement are reminders to fall in love on your own terms

One thing that is common to these people is that they are all over 40 years old. When MI released his engagement video, we were blown away as he carefully documented their relationship. The singles even added “use a camera to take candid photos” to their list of requirements.

Even though we said ‘aww’ and ‘congratulations’, we have to admit that it took a lot of patience for the good one to show up.

In a time when people are getting married in their 20s, feeling like “god when” and rushing into a relationship just to post online and “pepper” people is rampant. Not to mention the fact that we all thought we’d be married by ’25’ or ’30’ tops.

Every day someone in your college group gets married or uploads their babies while you’re alone on a Saturday night.

Finding love in your twenties is great, but what’s better is finding the love of your life at the right time.

No one knows how these celebs felt while they waited, but they seemed to be enjoying their lives, celebrating others, and reaching one milestone or the other. Rita Dominic started her own film production company, Kemi Adetiba had the hit series and movies, “King of Boys” and “The Wedding Party.” MI has released many successful projects.

But for Millennials, when they turn 30, they put their whole lives on hold because they haven’t found love, thinking they can’t be happy without it.

The desperation of love makes the search for love even more difficult and facilitates error. Little by little we are dropping our criteria – you want a man who likes to share and express his feelings but you settle for whoever is available.

Desire in itself is valid and even looking for love is not a bad thing but have the patience to wait for the good one.

While you are waiting for the love of your life, they should meet happily. You need to be happy while single so that when you’re in a committed relationship, there’s no unhealthy codependency.

What you desire is to be happy and loved – in that order. So be happy while waiting to be loved and you do not miss anything that cannot be obtained sooner or later. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with you the way you are! You will be found by the one that suits you.

Finally, don’t sleep with the whole community because you’re single, don’t jump on all the attractive people even if you know they’re not good for you, it’ll just leave you with more scars than it’s worth. the penalty. Be patient, love will come.

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