Rookie teases Harper and James engagement

The latest episode of The Rookie was pretty high stakes, but it also hinted that this key could take the next step in their relationship.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Rookie Season 4, Episode 17, “Coding,” which airs Sunday, April 3 on ABC.

The recruit has been handing a lot of drama to its characters recently. One episode showed Officer Thorsen’s troubled past coming back to haunt him, while another gave hints that Sergeant Gray might be preparing to leave the show. Only the introduction of Skip Tracer Randy seemed to give anyone pause. However, the latest episode started to raise the stakes again – especially for one of the show’s couples.

The “coding” began when Officer Nolan stumbled upon a terrible car accident, comforting a woman as she died. He and Bailey found out the woman was an organ donor, so they arranged for her body to be taken to the hospital, so she could donate her heart to a young girl in need. This unexpected trip served as the catalyst for an episode full of relationship drama.

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The giver’s heart wants what it wants

Rookie John Nolan

The recipient of the woman’s donor heart was supposed to be a young girl named Piper. She and her father were overjoyed at their good fortune, but it didn’t last long. A man named Jonah arrived at the hospital with his sick wife, and he completely took over the hospital’s computer and electrical network. Unless his wife received the donor heart, he was going to let everyone else die. Evacuating the hospital wasn’t a realistic option, so Angela and the rest of the LAPD tried to find leverage they could use against Jonah. Unfortunately, however, there was none.

Their only avenue was to try to convince Jonas’ wife to arrest her husband. That didn’t seem to work either, and the hospital prepped her for the operation. However, just before sinking, Nolan let Piper talk to his wife on a video call. During the brief conversation, Piper forgave the woman for basically letting her die, and that did the trick. The woman withdrew her consent to the transplant, forcing Jonah to loosen his grip on the hospital. But speaking of marriage, The recruit also launched a subplot about one of its couples.

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Will Detective Harper and James get married?

Rookie Harper and James

While all of the above was happening, there was also a serious relationship development between Harper and her boyfriend James. They were both at the hospital for Harper’s blood work, but when the hospital’s network went down, a nurse asked them to watch a child who had fallen during an exit on the ground but had not yet been examined. It wasn’t a big deal until the child’s “parents” showed up and tried to take him away. Fearing for the boy’s well-being, Harper took him into custody. It turns out the kid had been kidnapped when he was younger, so Harper’s instincts saved him in more ways than one.

The recruit showed that Harper and James have great chemistry, both working with the child and resolving minor disagreements. The two make a fantastic couple, and “Coding” provided a picture of what they’ll be like as parents. It was a big step forward in their relationship, and they may be about to take another one. Next week’s preview showed that Harper had proposed to James, and it looked like they were getting married. Of course, it’s not Chenford’s development that fans want, but James and Harper getting married is still a big deal.

To see if Harper and James are getting married, tune into The Rookie. New episodes air Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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