She broke off her engagement, sold the ring her ex gave her, and Alabama court forces her to give him the money – CVBJ

The ring cost $ 32,000 and he sold it for $ 10,000 when he ran out of money.

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An unusual event has occurred in an Alabama Court of Appeals, where a judge determined that a woman had to return money to her ex-partner considering that he had illicitly enriched himself as well as his coasts.

It turns out that this story goes back to Christmas Eve 2018, where The woman’s ex-boyfriend gave her an engagement ring, which was made of diamonds and half a carat of gold, so the jewel was valued at around $ 32,000.

Months later, the couple started talking about wedding plans and it gradually broke their relationship apart. Finally, Their relationship ended in September 2019.

After the split, the ex asked her about the ring. At first she told him that she had thrown it in a lake but finally ended up admitting that I sold it in 2020 for around $ 10,000, after losing his job.

In March of that year, The former filed a formal complaint against the young girl, which he amended in August to claim that the woman had unjustly enriched herself with the sale of the ring.

“[La mujer] knew the $ 32,000 engagement ring was a conditional wedding gift [con la denunciante] insofar as it was offered with the marriage proposal, and only if [la mujer] agreed to marry [la denunciante] He would have the right to receive the ring as a gift, pending the future marriage, ”said the man.

The Baldwin County Circuit Court ruled in favor of the bride in January 2021, stating that since the couple had not set a date for the wedding and the man had given no written or oral conditions on which the ring.

The man appealed the decision, and the Alabama Court of Appeals sided with him, ruling that his ex should not sell the ring due to the marriage agreement that accompanies this article. .

Now the woman must return the money.

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