She wore white to a wedding even though the bride chose not to and she can’t understand why people were mad at her – Chip Chick

A 29-year-old woman was recently invited to attend her friend’s cousin’s wedding as her friend’s plus one.

She met her friend’s cousin several times, so she knew him quite well.

“The cousin had told us that his wife’s wedding skirt was imported from India and that her outfit would be red,” she explained.

Although the bride is not Indian, and no one else either, the bride really fell in love with this style of dress for her wedding day, and she wanted to wear it.

She knew the dress code for the wedding was ‘formal’, but since she hates shopping and didn’t have many dresses to choose from in her own wardrobe, she insisted on doing her best. .

“I chose a dress that best fit the dress code and didn’t clash with the bride,” she said. “When I arrived at the wedding venue, my friend and her mother looked confused, she asked me if anything had happened to the dress ‘I was planning to wear’, and my friend said my dress was more of a beach dress than a wedding dress which was pretty rude.

It was really honest though, because the dress she chose was white, a beachy material and vibe, and had side cutouts.

As soon as her friend and her mother started arguing about her dress, they had to sit down and get ready for the ceremony, so they dropped the subject.

She walked to her seat, and she could clearly see that all the wedding guests were looking at her and saying things that weren’t loud enough for her to hear.

Natalia Chircova –

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