Shocking! Child carrying a bag full of bridal jewelry, will be amazed to know the deal

Indore: A sensational incident of theft of over Rs 25 lakh from a wedding in the MP’s Indore town has come to light. Here, a child stole a bag full of cash, including the bride’s jewelry. The case is picked up by CCTV. There is a person on one side. In this case, the police registered a case and began to search for the thief.

According to the same report, the case concerns Madan Mahal Garden under Hiranagar Police Station. There was a wedding ceremony in the family of jeweler Mukesh Soni, who lives in the Teen Puliya area, here on Sunday evening. Due to the marriage, a child and his partner stole a bag inside the garden. The bag contained cash and a cell phone as well as the bride’s jewelry. When the CCTV cameras installed there were checked, a child was seen carrying the bag. A complaint was filed at the police station. The bag contained jewelry worth over 500 grams and more than two lakh in cash.

At the same time Complainant Mukesh Soni said there was a wedding in our house. At the wedding, a young man came and took away the bag in which the gold mobile and the silver were kept. He took away property worth about $25 million. SHO Police Station Manager Satish Patel said during the incident police registered a case and launched a search for the bag thieves. The culprit will soon be arrested.

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