Sparkling engagement rings to offer your partner with

Planning to make your big proposal soon? For a crucial moment like this, it pays to be prepared with, well, the best. Luckily for you, De Beers Jewelers recently launched some striking new engagement rings for you to absolutely steal her heart.

So you asked for her hand, and all that remains is to make her say yes. Nevermind. All you have to do is dress for the occasion, plan the magical moments down to the second, and memorize your romantic statement. Having friends and family to mark the occasion is of course optional, but if you really want to leave an impression – and walk away with a brand new fiancé – your best bet is these stunners from De Beers Jewelers.

With 130 years of expertise in the field, it is the jeweler to whom you can entrust your most delicate businesses. The Maison not only has access to some of the most coveted gemstones in the world, but in-house designers are dedicated to creating designs that are contemporary and with the finest craftsmanship.

For its spring refresh, De Beers has produced two intricate new designs for its engagement ring collection: the Dewdrop and Enchanted Lotus Crown rings.

For a ring to be worn every day, versatility is an absolute must. Unlike costume jewelry, classic engagement rings should distinguish between being an eye-catching accessory without being extravagant. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up personality. This is where these two new drops come into play.

The round diamonds on both pieces symbolize purity and eternity. Whether worn alone or together, styles like these will up her jewelry game — and they can even be included in a gorgeous stack of rings that’s definitely all the rage these days.

But these blooming beauties aren’t the only bubbly news to make their way into De Beers’ offering; the timeless DB Classic and DB Aura ranges also welcome three new members each.

New DB Classic rings join this shimmering melee

Whether your future life partner is the type to go the classic black dress route on date nights, or the type to up her fashion game every chance she gets, the DB Ring Classic is a fail-safe range worth discovering. Perfectly proportioned with a V setting to elevate the hero diamond, DB Classic Colored Pave Round Brilliant Diamond Rings are blessed with a playful edge.

For these new engagement rings, the pavé bands are adorned with fancy yellow or light pink round brilliant diamonds, accentuating the sparkle of the 3-carat round brilliant hero diamond.

But if ultimate sparkle is what you’re looking for, turn your attention to this head-turning trinket: the radiant-cut DB Classic ring. With its unique faceted pattern, the cut is renowned for its high degree of shine and for making a statement.

Image credit: De Beers Jewelers

Finally, these three rings from the DB Aura line will conquer your daughter at first glance. A modern iteration of the crowns that feature in Byzantine-era wedding bands, these radiant rings feature a halo of microwave-set diamonds that heighten the grandeur of the ring’s magnificent one-carat hero diamond that comes in these designs: marquise- shaped, heart-shaped and radiant cut.

Now that you know the latest and greatest engagement rings in the game, it’s time to buy one for your future fiancé to say yes.

Feature and hero image credit: De Beers Jewelers

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