Stepdad applauded for kicking his stepson out of the car at his engagement party

A man has revealed how he kicked his stepson out of the car on his engagement night, and people are coming to the stepdad’s defense.

In a recent post shared in the Reddit community, “Am I the asshole”, @u/Trees50956 explained how the night her stepson, Rowan, got engaged, this future husband was forced to return walk. According to the Reddit user, Rowan’s fiancée comes from a “very conservative” family, so the couple will “not be living together until marriage.”

So, after the engagement party was over, the stepdad went home with his wife, stepson, Rowan, and Jack, Rowan’s best friend.

However, when they stopped at a store, Rowan and Jack made some pretty inappropriate comments to someone walking past them.

“Rowan and Jack couldn’t stop laughing, and then this young woman [walking] towards us because his car was parked next to mine in the parking lot,” the stepdad wrote. “Rowan kept trying to talk to her as she tried to load her things into the car. He and Jack kept throwing words at her and she looked annoyed.

After that, Jack said to the woman, “hey, he just wanted to look at that ass”, then Rowan said, “Let me see it move, baby”, leaving his stepdad shocked.

“I was appalled,” the post continued. “I told them both to stop, but Rowan sarcastically replied ‘Relax, I was just giving her a compliment, I bet she doesn’t get one often. “”

The woman then got into her car and drove off, as the stepfather “started arguing with [Rowan] of her behavior and shamed her for doing so on her own engagement party. After Rowan continued the argument, the stepdad “lost it.”

“I told him to get out immediately, Jack got involved so I fired him too,” he added. “My wife came back and started arguing saying I couldn’t let her son go home after his engagement party.”

In response, he told her that “his son can’t harass other women on his way home from his engagement party.” However, the wife stood up for Rowan and chose to stay with him, as her husband left.

Rowan stayed at a friend’s house that night instead of going home. “From what I understand, he f***ed me and [refuses] see me,” the stepfather wrote.

“My wife said it was my fault, I made it worse because of some stupid boys her age who do it all the time,” he added. “I told her he couldn’t do that in my car, but she took it as [if] I held it above his head.

She then stressed to her husband that he needed to apologize and that he “should never have done [Rowan] walk” that night.

The Reddit post has 23,800 upvotes so far, with readers in the comments noting that Jack and Rowan’s actions in that parking lot shouldn’t be considered “stupid bullshit”.

“It’s not a stupid boy thing, it’s hateful, demeaning and creates a dangerous environment for women,” one comment read. “Men like that know they don’t compliment women, they like to see them squirm.”

“Yes, I bet she felt super safe having to load her car with 3 men in attendance, 2 of whom were harassing her,” one person said of the woman in the parking lot. “She’s probably worried if she’s going home that day.”

Many commentators praised this stepdad for kicking Jack and Rowan out of that car.

“I’m proud of you,” one wrote. “You stood up for decency and respect in the community. I really wish more people held their sons accountable and tried to train them the same way.

Other readers noted how Rowan’s bride-to-be should be made aware of this situation, one of whom said: ‘I don’t know about you, but as a bride I should definitely be aware of the behavior disgusting of my future husband because I would refuse to marry such a misogynistic asshole.

The Independent contacted @u/Trees50956 for comment.

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