The bride invites Elon Musk, Adam Sandler and other celebrities to marry

A bride-to-be received extra wedding invitations, so she sent them out to businesses and celebrities, garnering a lot of attention and fun on the internet.

The TikTok, titled “Who do you think will respond? #tiktok #fyp #celebrityweddinginvitations #weddinginvitations #wedding #invitingcelebrities #schickasks #viral”, has been viewed 712,000 times and liked 39,000 times since it was shared on the 10 March.

Inviting companies and celebrities to your nuptials is nothing new. In reality, The knot, a popular wedding marketplace, even has a tutorial on how to send invitations to celebrities. Sometimes a celebrity will respond, as in the case of sending an invitation to the White House, in which a generic card signed by the president and first lady is often returned.

The 35 second clip, posted by TikToker @kayla_abbott2, showed a number of envelopes on his lap. “When you accidentally get 50 extra wedding invitations sent to you…You send them to celebrities and corporations,” read the screen as the designer flipped through her envelopes, revealing who they were addressed to as she went. the music was playing.

A number of celebrities have been invited, including Mickey Mouse, Dwayne Johnson, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Elon Musk, Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Tim Allen, Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs and John Cena. Companies have also received invitations, including Yeti, Under Armour, Lowes, Nike, Starbucks, Olive Garden, Tito’s, Coca-Cola and Nascar.

A bride invited Elon Musk, Adam Sandler and other celebrities to her wedding in a viral TikTok. Here, a wedding invitation in a person’s hand near flowers.

In one follow-up video, @kayla_abbott2 mailed the corporate and celebrity invites. She got into her car and drove to the post office, dropping off the invitations. Along the way, she revealed, “All addresses are public PO boxes or business addresses that can be found on Google.”

Over 500 comments have been received on TikToker’s video showcasing their wedding invitations, and people are loving the idea. “The fact that Olive Garden and Tito are in there…Same,” said one TikToker.

Many people wanted to know if the bride had heard from anyone. “I definitely want to know if someone replied and gave/sent you a gift,” wrote one TikToker. The creator responded by saying, “I’m still waiting for a response, but I’ll definitely update as soon as I get something.”

Many viewers thought that was a good idea. “So cool someone will surely reply Lol,” one TikToker replied.

A viewer had some regrets after watching the clip. “I would have liked to think about it during [my] wedding,” they admitted. The designer responded again, revealing that she “only did it because we had 50 extras.”

Others have done the same and found success. “I did this when I got married and got a ton of personalized autographed photos,” one viewer shared.

While another TikToker places his “hopes” on Adam Sandler. “He’s such a nice person that I’m pretty sure he’ll respond soon or maybe be there,” they said.

Many people appreciated the efforts of the bride. “It’s good!” an expressed viewer. “Because you might get an answer! I’m going to do this for my wedding someday. Just for fun.”

Newsweek contacted @kayla_abbott2 for comment.

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