The bride waited until 2 p.m., but the groom didn’t arrive with the baraat…

Jaipur: The dowry system continues to be a curse even in the 21st century. In our culture, while one more girl is seen as the form of the Goddess, some greedy people still view girls as a dowry store. The latest case was revealed in Bharatpur in Rajasthan. At a wedding house in Bharatpur, the bride-to-be waited for the groom until 2 a.m. last night, but the baraat did not arrive.

In the meantime, the joys of marriage turned to tears, and the bride and her mother began to cry. The girl’s father and brother kept pleading to call and persuade the groom, but the dowry-hungry boy’s father demanded Rs 11 lakh and put a condition to bring baraat. In the wedding hall, the adorned bride was waiting for the groom and the baje walas group and the pandits were also waiting for the pheras. When the groom’s father could not speak to her even after waiting, the girl’s father filed a complaint with the Mathura Gate police station regarding the dowry.

In fact, Khushboo, daughter of Police Constable Mahesh Chand, a resident of STC Housing Board settlement in Mathura Gate Police Station area, was married to Kushal Kumar, a resident of Prince Nagar. The wedding was due to take place last night at a local wedding hall and the girl continued to wait for the groom for the wedding, but the baraat did not arrive until 2am. The boy and his father insisted on getting married with Rs 11 lakh in dowry. Now, after filing a complaint in the Mathura Police Station area, the police have started investigating the whole matter.

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