The bridesmaid announces her engagement at her friend’s wedding!

Revenge can be bitter… but let’s just say you reap what you sow…

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Your wedding day is meant to be one of the most special days of your life. And as we know, many brides can be very, very uncertain about this one clause – that their big day is all about them…

Which is only fair, if you ask us. But in this case, a bridesmaid made a bold move and stole the bride’s thunder. She announced at her friend’s wedding reception that she had gotten engaged and soaked in the love and attention…

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This led to a downward spiral of revenge… which we think is well deserved.

The bride, who is Emma, ​​and the bridesmaid, who is Sarah, were friends. But obviously Sarah didn’t know the unwritten rule of friendship; under no circumstances will you steal your friend’s thunder on her special day.

Sarah then asked Emma to be her bridesmaid, and on her own wedding day, Emma replaced the white petals in the flower girl baskets with blue petals…

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Sarah was confused when she saw the blue petals but held back and later asked her bridesmaids. All were pretty low key, so the wedding planner took the brunt of her anger for not making sure the right color of flower petals were in the basket.

Later it was speech time, and in true bridesmaid style, Emma included all the photos of Sarah and her husband in the slide presentation. But as the end approached, she took the opportunity to play her revenge…

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She shared with everyone that the blue petals were her way of sharing her good news. She was five months pregnant and was soon expecting a bouncy baby boy. And on that note, she ended the slideshow with her ultrasound photo.

Sarah was reportedly very mean and mean to many of her bridesmaids. So, we’re guessing that, in the larger scheme of things, she kind of had that coming.

It was also revealed that the group of bridesmaids were also on the program.

I imagine this will teach Sarah a great lesson, and if you wanted to share your good news on someone’s special occasion, maybe this story is proof that you shouldn’t…

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