The Norma Kamali Diana dress is a dress-like leggings

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Thanks to a combination of COVID planning and the fact that I’m in my early thirties, I’m in the unique position of attending 22 weddings this year…which means I have to put together 22 different outfits ranging from “beach chic” from “cocktail casual” to “favorite black tie”. And as someone who’s spent the majority of the past two years exclusively wearing leggings and sports bras, that’s a crushing feat (and not to mention the price tag). That’s why when I found a dress that might work for all 22 times I jumped at the chance to order it in all colors.

the Dress Diana Norma Kamali ($215) is the dress of the season…and not just because it’s exactly the dress Carrie Bradshaw wore on her first date with this sexy teacher from And just like that. For starters, it’s what my mom likes to call “an investment.” The one-shoulder style is timelessly chic, and it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood – team it with strappy sandals and a pair of earrings for a laid-back Miami beach wedding (done) or sky-high stilettos and a pair of opera gloves for a black-tie affair in Switzerland (also done).

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When I buy a dress for a formal event, I often feel like I’m burning money because I’m really only going to wear it once, but that’s not the case with the dress. Diana. Because it’s pretty much a blank canvas, you can have a lot of fun with the styling process – it can literally be worn a million different ways. Yes, it’s perfect for weddings, but you can also repurpose it with flats and a sweatshirt for Sunday brunch, or boots and a tweed jacket for your next in-person gathering. At $220, the cost per wear is among the best I’ve seen.

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Style aside, what I love the most about this dress is that it’s as close to leggings and a sports bra as possible – it’s so comfy I love it. dresses often and that I wear it when I want to feel “put together”. ” when working from home. The four-way stretch material (made from polyester and spandex) is stretchy enough that I could literally kick high on the dance floor, and as a bonus, it doesn’t will show no sweat.It has a built in bodysuit which acts as a subtle form of shapewear and eliminates the need for a bra (I wear a 30D and it supports me very well) and underwear (however, you The only downside is that peeing in when you’re drunk at a wedding can be…many jobs.

The dress is available in over 20 different colors (I have orchid pink, plum, celestial blue, black, white and gold because I couldn’t choose just one), and three different lengths (short, medium and long), and it’s the best wardrobe chameleon I’ve ever owned. Whether you need an outfit to carry you through your busy social schedule or just want to change up your standard WFH sweatshirts, this dress will have you covered through it all.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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