The Tillicoultry couple marry after 60 years of engagement

A couple from WEE COUNTY finally got married recently – after 60 years of engagement.

Alex Hamilton, 90, married Jane, 89, in Tillicoultry on Saturday May 21, surrounded by close family for a “beautiful” celebration.

Jane was wheeled down the aisle by her granddaughter Claire McDonald, 29, while her grandson Craig McDonald, 23, baked a wedding cake decorated with edible wildflowers.

Proud daughter Sally McDonald, 59, said both of her parents were visibly nervous that day.

She added: “It’s a big party, it was really beautiful.

“I think dad was pretty emotional, it was the ultimate gift he had to give her, was to marry her.

“It was almost like that’s how it should be, watching what they did together, and the family coming together for this celebration.”

By the time the couple formed, in 1962, Alex already had two children from a previous relationship, while Jane was a mother of one. She lived in Birmingham, while he was in Edinburgh.

They remain friends with their former partners, however, and they consider each other’s children to be their own.

Together they have five children and 11 grandchildren.

They always planned to get married but never managed to get used to it. Being parents, in addition to running a business, has become the center of their lives.

Jane had already changed her surname to Hamilton and their children were only told they weren’t actually married after they turned 16.

But after six decades as an engaged couple, they finally got married in their local church.

The whole family are huge Hearts fans and the wedding was accidentally booked on the day of the Scottish Cup final – but despite the team’s loss no one was bothered.

His daughter Sally said her parents always behaved like loving teenagers and flirted in public.

Sally said: “If we go out to dinner with them, they’re both looking at each other across the table, they’re always so cheeky – they’re flirting with each other.

“It’s like having a new boyfriend except they’ve been like this for 60 years.”

She added: “They always go out on small dates, like for lunches.

“I think there was a bit of a stigma at first, but obviously that was the right thing.

“Dad talks about her so much, he says ‘you are one of the most beautiful women and you have such a presence.’ “They’re really cute, she always giggles like a schoolgirl when he smiles at her.”

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