TikToker divides opinion by melting engagement ring into earrings after breakup

TikToker Mollie Kilkelly caused a meltdown in her comments section, after posting a video in which she melted her engagement ring into earrings, following a breakup.

Relationships can be difficult to manage, especially when viewed through a social media lens. TikToker Mollie Kilkelly, however, apparently turned the negative of a breakup into a positive after melting her engagement ring into earrings.

The decision to modernize her pledge sparked debate in her comments section, with many wondering if it was the right thing to do.

TikTok: Mollie Kilkelly

Mollie Kilkelly’s TikTok post quickly sparked debate in the comments.

TikToker keeps ’empty promises’ by melting engagement ring

Mollie Kilkelly’s comments section exploded after she posted a video showing the transformation of what was once an engagement ring into earrings.

Kilkelly began his post with the caption: “When something goes wrong you swallow your pride and put the guy on the sidewalk. Take that pebble he gave you with all those empty promises and buy some pebbles!

TikTok user @Julia_Mountainliving was one of the first to join in the debate, saying “that’s exactly what I did! and at Shane & Co! yes girl!” Other commenters also joined in to share their praise, with @stephaniecaroll99 adding “girl you deserved that ring! glad you kept it!”

@molliekilkelly0 When something goes wrong you swallow your pride and kick the guy on the sidewalk. You take that pebble he gave you with all those empty promises and buy yourself some pebbles! 💎🥰💎 #brokenengagement #love #breakup ♬

While most comments praised Kilkelly’s choice, users like @Dee_Because didn’t necessarily agree with his actions: “You dump him but you keep the ring? Classless.”

In response, Kilkelly offered context for melting down the ring: “He ghosted me but yeah I planned a wedding and didn’t get my money back, of course I kept the ring.”

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